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Ok, I admit it..I adore Lolcats. I don’t care what folks think – I mean, I live with five of the lil gits. But since I discovered I Can haz Cheezeburger dot com etc, I’ve been chuckling my head off…

so, have that for the New year…I now await the impersonation of the Somme at midnight because the chavvy morons insist on fireworks…


Of Death – both in City form and on a more personal level…No phone book required..

Been a bit of an odd evening, this evening. A combination of the cold and my pills got to me leaving me a bit of a creaking wreck, but looking forward to my hot water bottle As a result I watched some of the extras on the City of Death dvd – given to me for my birthday by my neighbour – lets call her Bert. You know, that documentary, whatsit, Paris In The Springtime, is rather good and does the actual show proud.

City of Death is one of the..hang on…ahem….one of THE there, thats better – jewells in Doctor Who’s crown. The Vast Toffee (M.N.) was quite right when he says the humour is only there in actual scenes rather then used as padding…or soemthing clever like that – look, Im not him, my brain not work proper but you know what I’m getting at. So glad I got that on dvd.


Being an arthritic wreck tonight meant I wasn’t really able to visit my neighbour – let’s call her Bert. So, I gave her a ring to let her know and got the horrible news that another neighbour, Stuart, had passed away. Bit of a shock, to be honest. I knew him because back where I used to live (have a rant about it… clicky ) his brother, Craig, was my downstairs neighbour. Both tough Scotsmen, both with hearts of gold. Craig died a few years back but I’d still run into Stuart every now and then and we’d do the old age pensioner ‘comparing illnesses’ routine: ‘I’ve got a leg’ ‘Aye, have you really? Well I’ve got an arm, pal!’. A lovely guy. He’s survived by his daughter.


Oh, you know…stuff…

Good word that, stuff. Lozange is another good word…try saying it now…lozange…feels good doesn’t it?

Right, so…stuff… Firstly I am pondering about the Doctor Who special thingy. I think I need to give it a second airing, tbh. Then I’ll spout nonsense here. Its not one that demands an instant rtesponse…some thought is needed…and I’m sure you can imagine just how long that’ll take me, lol.

Secondly, the Battlefield remix… a good job, that. Some of it is still naff, but that can’t be helped, but Mark Ayres has done a great job with it, making it more watchable.

And eleventy billionly, it looks like the Flashing Blade podcast may well be going ahead. Early days yet. Need to get the tech side in place and find that elusive co-host – someone who can stand up to my mad ramblings yet play along with them. The ability to string more then two words together may be of use also.

Short one today…um, do feel free to comment – on the actual blog site, oh facebook readers, if you please 😛




Who 1 – It Exists!

Um, better start by saying that Paul Wilson, late of the WhoCast is one hell of a good cook…his roast beef is just something else – garlic and stuff and things…mmmm…wonderfull. I was at Paul and his wife’s for xmas – I had a great time for which I would like to thank them and say a) Get a ground floor bungalow before next time please – start thinking of me as a Dalek when it comes to stairs, LOL and b) I’m determined to get your cat on my lap…thats an ambition now 😛

Anyway. on the way back to Crawley, Paul and I are talking in a witty, urbane manner about all sorts of things that intelligent gentlemen talk about. Suddenly he goes mad. No really…foaming at the mouth hubba hubba arblooogglleeeey cake. His left hand, injured (more on that later…) starts gesticulating wildly at something it appears only he can see.

‘Look, look…Oh, I don’t believe it, oh wow…!’

Eventually he gets me to look at the Chelsea Tractor ahead of us.

It’s number plate, I kid you not, was WHO 1

We’d found the actual vehicle with that plate. As any self respecting sad little git – like me – knows, the BBC were not allowed to use the plate on public roads as it belonged to someone else. I always wondered if it was still out there – and apparently it was!

There was fumbling for phones and attempts to take pictures to prove it…hopefully they came out as more then just a juddering blur. I waved my scarf at the driver but, wisely, he mysteriously failed to see us.

By the way, do NOT let Paul anywhere near xmas pud, brandy and a match. He successfully managed to pour the lit brandy over his hand….very, VERY painful. I was hoping that he’d loose his eyebrows in the raging flame, but that was too much to wish for, alas.

So, there ya go..I had a great time and I do so hope you rabble had fun also, no matter what your faith, if any 🙂




Happy Thing – have Noise…no…really…radiophonic time…

Last post for now as the Christmas thing is upon us. It keep[s bloody happening no matter who I complain to. Probably something to do with that nazi in a dress, Pope Arsehole. (Yes, I’m still really annoyed about that – Ironically I’ve been invited to midnight mass tonight….so, the book is open – can Tony bite his tongue long enough to not lay into the priest? They’d best play ‘O’ Little Town Of Bethlehem’ WITH the descant or there’ll be teerrrrrubble 😛 )

(BTW, re: above comment – Godwin’s Law doesn’t apply – the Pope, WAS a nazi, apparently….and yes, he does wear a dress so its rather hypocritical of him really, isn’t it?)

Anyway….have the last mp3 for the moment.

This one is the Doctor Who special I did for vanguard radio, containing multitudes from all eras…you have been warned, some of it is archival, some of it is painfull, LOL.

Vanguard radio Doctor Who Special

If your very lucky, I’ll put the Mr Saxon special up some time in the new year.

Until then, please enjoy the stuff I’ve plopped up here, have a peacefull time and look forward to a tolerant, forgiving and kindly new year

toodles, yes?



Of Christmas Cheese, Coinage, why the Pope is an arse and Tom Baker Meets Trevor Horn

Season’s greetings, yes?

Now, I appreciate that some are wondering if I’ve been declawed as I haven’t had a rant about anything yet. Welllllllll, it’c the festive period, innit? However….

Look at what the Pope is reported as saying…

Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

Now, I may not be homosexual, but as far as I’m concerned its not the colour of someone’s skin, their race, their gender, their sexuality, even their religion (though it is responsible for blowing great chunks out of the planet) that matters.

It’s what a person says and does. Thats it. That’s all that matters.

As a result, I’d like to crown the current Pope as Pope Arsehole the god-knows-how-many-cos-they’ve-all-been-a-bit-dodgy-really-haven’t-they.

So…moving on…the Christmas shopping is all but done..Went to asda with my neighbour – let’s call her Bert – this morning. Now, my neighbour has been, believe it or not, a ‘Good Influence’ on me. As a result Ive been saving up loose change. After plopping it in the change machine at Asada it ended up paying for all the shopping….could have knocked me down with a feather – even got a new keyboard out of it.

there. Nice and domestic for you.

Right. The next mp3 of Christmas…and this one IS Christmassy. It’s the last show I did for Jealhimet Radio – a Christmas special with a LOT of Christmas tracks thrown in. I’m warning you now, it’s a long show, so you may wish to download the thing before you start listening. And yes, Tom Baker does ‘sing’ Video Killed The Radio Star. I say ‘sing’….mutter, intone….with thanks to Tom Baker

Tomorrow, the Vanguard Radio Doctor Who Special – I’ll plop the trailer for that here also – to get you in the mood for ‘The Next Doctor’…..

Christmas Noise

and the trailer…

Vanguard radio Doctor Who Special Trailer


More stuff and nonsense…

Right then, a good while ago now I used to host my own show on internet radio..jealhimet Radio was where I started, I moved onto Vanguard radio and stayed there when it changed to Uberguilds Radio (Never fully understood what that was…Uberguilds, that is..some sort of WOW thingy, I think). Anyway…All this was before I got into podcasting…I think it gave me the taste, to be honest, leading to me suggesting it to the SS lot and pursuading them to give it a go. heh, that first recording was a laugh…3 pc’s, different headsets between me and Adam and Andy…and a 17 1/2 hour edit because all three tracks, recorded on seperate machines, kept going out of synch…Oh, how I did laugh…If you listen to the first Staggering Stories’ podcast (I’ll throw up a link here after) you’ll certainly hear the difference…Things immediatly improved for number 2 after Adam decided to spend a lot of money…

Anyway, i thought I’d throw up a link to one of my old radio shows – I ‘think’ this is the ‘Grimlord Must Die!’ show – someone had, jokingly, insulted me on the Jealhimet forum, so I had some fun at their expense. Trouble is, I’m having a lot of trouble streaming these things…not sure why, So I may have linked to the wrong one, LOL….Still..enjoy…

Noise Show Number Four

And yes, Thanks must go to Ian Berriman for writing that wonderful list in Five Hundred Eyes…and, of course, to Vic n Bob…