It had to happen…

Well, here I am. I’m blogging. Now, I fuly expect that this will be like the diary one gets when one is young for Christmas. You know – the one that you fully intend to keep going all the following year which ends up reading like this

Jan 1st – Dear Diary. Today is my first entry. I shall put all my thoughts here for us both to share.

Nov 19th – My birthday

See what I mean?

Ok, lets get the obvious out of the way first, shall we? I’ve been innundated with mails and Pm’s about the WhoCast. Just so folks know, I will not be going into details here – I had no intention of going into details on OG, but alas, the DWO spin machine had other ideas. Suffice to say that I didn’t leave due to ill health – though yes, I am having problems. I’m afraid I was forced out.

No details…just live with that as the truth, ok?

Now then…happier matters!

My scarf arrived today!

Ah, I’d better explain. If folks are unaware, I’m a teensy, weensy bit of a fan of Doctor Who. Old school, by the way..Much as I love the new series, I’ve been around the block a bit. Anyway, I finally managed to get a decent series 18 scarf.

And it’s effing marvelous! It should be, considering how much it cost, LOL. Just the right length – I was worried it would be too long, I mean, I don’t want to look stupid now, do I? 😛 – warm, cosy, comfy…and, of course…those colours.

I’m still trying to find my way around this blog thing, but I’ll try to sort out a couple of pics from ebay for you.

A sad little mans dream come true..pity him

A sad little man's dream come true..pity him

One other thing. I’m looking to, eventually, maybe, start a podcast of my own – er, not in competition, I hasten to add – that would be silly. No, whilst it’ll have Doctor Who content, it may stray elsewhere also. And I’ll need someone to record with me. However, I’m technically useless so I’m sorting out a new Chief Scientist…trying to get them out of the Bunker is almost impossible..they hate daylight, apparently.

One other thing. I get political and rant. It won’t be long before I have a go at the disgracefull things happening in the Channel Island of Jersey – where I originally came from, to my shame.

I’ll include a couple of links to other blogs on this post so you can get an idea…


toodles for now..


Ok, the blog for Senator Stuart Syvret:


And for Simon bellwood – the guy who blew the whistle on appaling childcare practices:



1 Response to “It had to happen…”

  1. 1 Ian Mc
    December 17, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    Did it though? Dit it have to happen? well, it has now so perhaps we ought to make the best of it. Nice scarf by the way. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all of you at home.

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