How to be sick with illness and stuff…

Good grief! A second post!

So, as the title indicates, let me waffle about the past few months and my ‘condition’, LOL…..I stress, this isn’t an ‘Oh, pity poor me’ post – though feel free, lol. no, no…It’s just a fairly good story now, theres so much to it. Plus I’ve got so used to telling people it due to them coming up to me and demanding to know a) how I am, b) why I’ve lost so much weight and c) ‘So what happened?’. I say Ive got used to it, but tbh, I’m getting rather fed up with it – I mean, I’m sounding like a whinger who can only talk about his illness.

So, I’m going to put the full story – or as much as I can remember, anyway, here to hopefully avert more questions.

Back in May I fell over. my ankle went from under me and I did a beautiful Thunderbird 2 crash landing. I had a wicked graze/cut on my arm of which I was rather proud. heh…first thoughts after the fall? ‘Oh Bod, I hope no one is watching this – You Tube-Fat man Falls Over’ followed by ‘Oh Bod, I hope my mp3 player isn’t smashed.’.

I have certain priorities, it seems, lol.

So, anyway, a couple or three days later my joints start to ache – not all at once, more a kind of twister pain…you know, right elbow to left knee, that sort of thing. then the pain started t0o settle in my joints and I found walking – indeed, getting out of chairs – very difficult. I also found I was having concentration problems.

Staggering Stories podcast 23 which I was supposed to edit I had to hand over to Adam to do. Bit embarresing that as I prided myself on the editing of those podcasts – always tried to come up with something special to add a little extra to them.

Anyway, my whole body was now aching, opening things was a new ambition. I couldn’t even match pace with a disabled lady pushing a full shopping trolley. So, to the Doc’s I went.

Well, he thouight there may be a touch of arthritis – and the blood tests showed that, yup (my markers are still through tthe roof), however, he truly had no idea what was wrong. And he just kept me coming in every fortnight for him to um and er and do some chin rubbing in a Pondering way. Eventually – and I mean eventually – he sent me to a specialist. By this time I was starting to loose weight, had a really bad chesty throaty thing – inflamed larynx I found out after, that and a large glob of yukkyness just behind my adam’s apple. To be honest, day to day life was getting tricky. The jhourney to the shops that used to take me 20 mins – depending on the queues – now took close to an hour.

Anyway, they finaly worked out what was wrong – possibly. It appears my immune system has decided to go into overdrive – about 500 times more then it should be. With nothing to attack, it started to attack me, causing all sorts of mayhem. I lost 41/2 stone in three months, am borderline diabetic, had a cancer scare (and Im so annoyed with my doc on that one – NEVER say ‘If this comes back positive then we’re looking at serious trouble’ – its a matter of moments to go onto google and find out what the test is for, lol. (I’m clear on that, thankfully, but it was a nervy week, lol).

Oh, and walking is still nearly impossible. My feet and legs up to my knees are about 70% numb – and yup, you guessed it, they don’t know why. The latest theory is something to do with vitamin B12. We shall see.

However, I DO think things are slowely on the turn for the better. I’m definatly feeling better in myself. The scary weight loss has stopped. It’s just a matter of time. I’m on nasty pills (oneof the side effects is, get this, death, LOL. Death as a side effect. ‘Don’t worry, Mrs. Smith, he’ll be ok in a couple of days, it’s just a side effect. Give us a ring if he starts to smell.’

So there you have it. No need to ask what happened now. By all means feel free to see how Im getting on, but please…enough, lol.

By the way, since I left the Staggering Stories podcast it’s gone through the roof. I think the listening public are trying to tell me something, LOL.

3 Responses to “How to be sick with illness and stuff…”

  1. 1 Ben
    December 19, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    …not more of you…
    Oh well, guess we’re gonna have to get used to that…
    Mind you: I’ve bookmarked this, so you better put some good stuff on here… 😉

    Cya around mate.

  2. 2 Ben
    December 19, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Right… So I just commented… but it just ignored it…
    Have you put a filter on this??

    Anyhow: sucks to be you.
    Second: sucks to be us to have to listen to more of you. I mean: more of you, oh noes! 😉

    Anywho: You’d better put some good stuff here, because I’ve bookmarked this (oh yes, yes I did)…

    Cya around 🙂

  3. 3 macfadyan
    December 19, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    Just a basic mod thingy – think it comes as standard and in place already.

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