Obligatory mp3 for Xmas

Right then…enclosed within is a nice, juicy mp3. No Mr. Dalek, alas, and no ‘The Junior Captain Jack Adventures’. Instead have a burst of nostalgia..tv themes etc that I’m partial to and might make you go ‘Oooh, I remember that!’. Good luck trying to guess them all. Unless your name is Tat Wood in which case all bets are off. I will say that contained within is a new full length mix of the theme to the WhoCast where hopefully the joins don’t show as much, lol. And there is another join in one of the tracks – hopefully, if I’ve done my job properly, you won’t notice it.

By the way, anyone know why my last post, the one about Jack’s coat, suddenly appears on a different page instead of the main page? I’m very confused…..

More entries before the holidays, but for now, enjoy the nostalgia burst

The Flashing Blade Xmas Nostalgia Thingy 2008

yes, I know, the mp3 is borked….working on it….Seems to be the hosting service I’ve been kindly given access to. Chisel, if your out there……You should be able to download the thing, right click, save as etc


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