More stuff and nonsense…

Right then, a good while ago now I used to host my own show on internet radio..jealhimet Radio was where I started, I moved onto Vanguard radio and stayed there when it changed to Uberguilds Radio (Never fully understood what that was…Uberguilds, that is..some sort of WOW thingy, I think). Anyway…All this was before I got into podcasting…I think it gave me the taste, to be honest, leading to me suggesting it to the SS lot and pursuading them to give it a go. heh, that first recording was a laugh…3 pc’s, different headsets between me and Adam and Andy…and a 17 1/2 hour edit because all three tracks, recorded on seperate machines, kept going out of synch…Oh, how I did laugh…If you listen to the first Staggering Stories’ podcast (I’ll throw up a link here after) you’ll certainly hear the difference…Things immediatly improved for number 2 after Adam decided to spend a lot of money…

Anyway, i thought I’d throw up a link to one of my old radio shows – I ‘think’ this is the ‘Grimlord Must Die!’ show – someone had, jokingly, insulted me on the Jealhimet forum, so I had some fun at their expense. Trouble is, I’m having a lot of trouble streaming these things…not sure why, So I may have linked to the wrong one, LOL….Still..enjoy…

Noise Show Number Four

And yes, Thanks must go to Ian Berriman for writing that wonderful list in Five Hundred Eyes…and, of course, to Vic n Bob…

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