Of Christmas Cheese, Coinage, why the Pope is an arse and Tom Baker Meets Trevor Horn

Season’s greetings, yes?

Now, I appreciate that some are wondering if I’ve been declawed as I haven’t had a rant about anything yet. Welllllllll, it’c the festive period, innit? However….

Look at what the Pope is reported as saying…

Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

Now, I may not be homosexual, but as far as I’m concerned its not the colour of someone’s skin, their race, their gender, their sexuality, even their religion (though it is responsible for blowing great chunks out of the planet) that matters.

It’s what a person says and does. Thats it. That’s all that matters.

As a result, I’d like to crown the current Pope as Pope Arsehole the god-knows-how-many-cos-they’ve-all-been-a-bit-dodgy-really-haven’t-they.

So…moving on…the Christmas shopping is all but done..Went to asda with my neighbour – let’s call her Bert – this morning. Now, my neighbour has been, believe it or not, a ‘Good Influence’ on me. As a result Ive been saving up loose change. After plopping it in the change machine at Asada it ended up paying for all the shopping….could have knocked me down with a feather – even got a new keyboard out of it.

there. Nice and domestic for you.

Right. The next mp3 of Christmas…and this one IS Christmassy. It’s the last show I did for Jealhimet Radio – a Christmas special with a LOT of Christmas tracks thrown in. I’m warning you now, it’s a long show, so you may wish to download the thing before you start listening. And yes, Tom Baker does ‘sing’ Video Killed The Radio Star. I say ‘sing’….mutter, intone….with thanks to Tom Baker Says.com

Tomorrow, the Vanguard Radio Doctor Who Special – I’ll plop the trailer for that here also – to get you in the mood for ‘The Next Doctor’…..

Christmas Noise

and the trailer…

Vanguard radio Doctor Who Special Trailer


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