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Happy Thing – have Noise…no…really…radiophonic time…

Last post for now as the Christmas thing is upon us. It keep[s bloody happening no matter who I complain to. Probably something to do with that nazi in a dress, Pope Arsehole. (Yes, I’m still really annoyed about that – Ironically I’ve been invited to midnight mass tonight….so, the book is open – can Tony bite his tongue long enough to not lay into the priest? They’d best play ‘O’ Little Town Of Bethlehem’ WITH the descant or there’ll be teerrrrrubble 😛 )

(BTW, re: above comment – Godwin’s Law doesn’t apply – the Pope, WAS a nazi, apparently….and yes, he does wear a dress so its rather hypocritical of him really, isn’t it?)

Anyway….have the last mp3 for the moment.

This one is the Doctor Who special I did for vanguard radio, containing multitudes from all eras…you have been warned, some of it is archival, some of it is painfull, LOL.

Vanguard radio Doctor Who Special

If your very lucky, I’ll put the Mr Saxon special up some time in the new year.

Until then, please enjoy the stuff I’ve plopped up here, have a peacefull time and look forward to a tolerant, forgiving and kindly new year

toodles, yes?