Who 1 – It Exists!

Um, better start by saying that Paul Wilson, late of the WhoCast is one hell of a good cook…his roast beef is just something else – garlic and stuff and things…mmmm…wonderfull. I was at Paul and his wife’s for xmas – I had a great time for which I would like to thank them and say a) Get a ground floor bungalow before next time please – start thinking of me as a Dalek when it comes to stairs, LOL and b) I’m determined to get your cat on my lap…thats an ambition now 😛

Anyway. on the way back to Crawley, Paul and I are talking in a witty, urbane manner about all sorts of things that intelligent gentlemen talk about. Suddenly he goes mad. No really…foaming at the mouth hubba hubba arblooogglleeeey cake. His left hand, injured (more on that later…) starts gesticulating wildly at something it appears only he can see.

‘Look, look…Oh, I don’t believe it, oh wow…!’

Eventually he gets me to look at the Chelsea Tractor ahead of us.

It’s number plate, I kid you not, was WHO 1

We’d found the actual vehicle with that plate. As any self respecting sad little git – like me – knows, the BBC were not allowed to use the plate on public roads as it belonged to someone else. I always wondered if it was still out there – and apparently it was!

There was fumbling for phones and attempts to take pictures to prove it…hopefully they came out as more then just a juddering blur. I waved my scarf at the driver but, wisely, he mysteriously failed to see us.

By the way, do NOT let Paul anywhere near xmas pud, brandy and a match. He successfully managed to pour the lit brandy over his hand….very, VERY painful. I was hoping that he’d loose his eyebrows in the raging flame, but that was too much to wish for, alas.

So, there ya go..I had a great time and I do so hope you rabble had fun also, no matter what your faith, if any 🙂



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