Oh, you know…stuff…

Good word that, stuff. Lozange is another good word…try saying it now…lozange…feels good doesn’t it?

Right, so…stuff… Firstly I am pondering about the Doctor Who special thingy. I think I need to give it a second airing, tbh. Then I’ll spout nonsense here. Its not one that demands an instant rtesponse…some thought is needed…and I’m sure you can imagine just how long that’ll take me, lol.

Secondly, the Battlefield remix… a good job, that. Some of it is still naff, but that can’t be helped, but Mark Ayres has done a great job with it, making it more watchable.

And eleventy billionly, it looks like the Flashing Blade podcast may well be going ahead. Early days yet. Need to get the tech side in place and find that elusive co-host – someone who can stand up to my mad ramblings yet play along with them. The ability to string more then two words together may be of use also.

Short one today…um, do feel free to comment – on the actual blog site, oh facebook readers, if you please 😛



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