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Of Death – both in City form and on a more personal level…No phone book required..

Been a bit of an odd evening, this evening. A combination of the cold and my pills got to me leaving me a bit of a creaking wreck, but looking forward to my hot water bottle As a result I watched some of the extras on the City of Death dvd – given to me for my birthday by my neighbour – lets call her Bert. You know, that documentary, whatsit, Paris In The Springtime, is rather good and does the actual show proud.

City of Death is one of the..hang on…ahem….one of THE there, thats better – jewells in Doctor Who’s crown. The Vast Toffee (M.N.) was quite right when he says the humour is only there in actual scenes rather then used as padding…or soemthing clever like that – look, Im not him, my brain not work proper but you know what I’m getting at. So glad I got that on dvd.


Being an arthritic wreck tonight meant I wasn’t really able to visit my neighbour – let’s call her Bert. So, I gave her a ring to let her know and got the horrible news that another neighbour, Stuart, had passed away. Bit of a shock, to be honest. I knew him because back where I used to live (have a rant about it… clicky ) his brother, Craig, was my downstairs neighbour. Both tough Scotsmen, both with hearts of gold. Craig died a few years back but I’d still run into Stuart every now and then and we’d do the old age pensioner ‘comparing illnesses’ routine: ‘I’ve got a leg’ ‘Aye, have you really? Well I’ve got an arm, pal!’. A lovely guy. He’s survived by his daughter.