The Next Doctor

Sooooooooooooooooooo and other words to call the Corbett offspring to hand.. (see what I did there? Dya see? Didya? Heheheheh)


The Next Doctor – the BBC’s Christmas Day ‘extravaganza’. Now then, those of you who have heard me on the Whocast will know I’ll a) give an honest review and b) it’ll probably be rather short as I ain’t got no one to natter with, LOL.

The initial, and indeed, central mystery, that of the next Doc, was played rather well – both by the actors involved and also by the script. And yes, the sonic screwdriver line had me wheezing. Other Dave was just the right side of ham as his Doc self…becoming more amiable as the show went on, and yet keeping a certain…Victorian boistressness (I know, the spelling is atro..at…atrosh….bad).

Proper Dave well….he can be forgiven for almost phoning in his perfomance as it came at the end of a very long run of filming – the guy looked absolutley shagged and sounded it on Confidential after.

Im not so sure about the Cybermen…it all seemed a little…hmm.. ‘we need a baddie and a BIIIGGGG special effect – lets call it a….hmmm….a cyber-King! Horray, Marvelous etc…’. Devla played her role again, just the right side of ham..in fact to an extent she craftily underplayed it. But the Cyber-King…well…THATS a dreadnaught class ship???? I know its built with Victorian tech but still. Interestingly, everyone was expecting a ‘The One Doctor’ and they ended up with ‘Human Rescources’. (Oh for heaven’s sake…google them). And why just kids except to make mums go ‘ahhhhh’? And the redressed Hub…sorry, initial view of it made it look like a stage set in the West End…sorry folks.

So, did I enjoy it? Yes. It had enough in it to keep the attention and give thought to the mystery. But like a lot of RTD’s scripts, something, somewhere just doesn’t quite gell. He badly needs a script editor that can say ‘No’ to him….

Hmmm…I wonder what I’ll be calling tomorrow’s blog entry….?

4 Responses to “The Next Doctor”

  1. 1 Ben
    January 5, 2009 at 10:36 am

    Completely unrelated, but:
    Best wishes for 2009. Hope your illness gets better and you won’t be the wreck you were (and still are at times) in 2008.
    Should have “a night of WoW” again sometime, with TS and all. Gonna be a lot easier once I get a new place to live and have my gf sleeping in another room, but that’s besides the point :P.

    Cya around.

  2. 2 macfadyan
    January 5, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    Cheers mate..I too hope I won’t be the wreck I was…though this wretched cold is getting to me, grrr…Hope all sorts itself out for you and that you and your gf work out that to do naughty type things you tend to need to sleep in the same room…….

  3. February 16, 2009 at 8:24 pm


    Proper Dave looked shagged? Prolly my fault … 😀

  4. 4 Lizaanne
    April 25, 2009 at 12:17 am

    My initial reactions on “The Next Doctor” which I have finally seen—yes, we have established that I am behind… A fun romp, with some good acting & atmospheric moments (graveyard, in particular). I’ve got some issues, though, that no one seems to have addressed yet…

    Ok, first the Slitheen had pigs, then the Daleks had pig-men, now the Cybermen have monkey-dogs? Really? They used to have decent servants/ slave-races. You know, ones with opposable thumbs who could actually tie up, albeit ineffectually, their prisoners. What happened? I can just imagine…
    “Oh,” say the Cybermen with a sigh to the Daleks over the back fence that separates their two halves of the void, “It’s just impossible to get good help these days!”
    “We know,” reply the Daleks, “the only way is to breed your own. They’re pretty useless, but at least you know what you’re getting.” At which point they compare recipes.

    Second, I’ll buy that no one noticed that the people at Cybus Industries were being controlled by their earpieces b/c everyone there wore cell phones. But in 1890’s London? No one noticed blinking blue lights on the guys’ ears & their strange actions? Really? The entire subplot with these men started wonderfully but really, what was the whole point in the end? All the work was pretty much done by the time their kids showed up anyway. Why were they needed?

    I enjoyed, “Whoa! Have you got your legs on silent?”

    All black eyes—cool effect.

    The “Cyber-King?” Why? (yes, yes, they are CyberMEN (even the women), so they must have a KING… even when she’s a woman… I’ll concede that point; however…) I understand the perversion of “Cult of Skaro” having developed blasphemy & a god Dalek in the Emperor, but how did this happen to the Cybermen, unless, all of the tech they stole from the Daleks was infected???

    “Jackson, you’ve got your son. You’ve got a reason to live.”
    “And you don’t?”
    ** dramatic and heart-wrenching pause**
    “God bless you, Doctor.”

    Giant robot—meh (to borrow a phrase of derision from the Radio Free Skaro guys) Why? Threatening to London, yes, but was it really tall enough to walk through an ocean to threaten other nations and take over the world? The doctor said it is a spaceship, but it showed no indication of flight. Besides which, how would the world even know they were being threatened by it? No telecommunications in 1890 to broadcast everywhere, unless they intend on telegramming, which does seem just a bit less threatening: “We have come to take over Earth. Stop. Yield immediately or we will destroy you. Stop. Love, the Dalek-King. Stop.”

    Poor traumatized little child! He can’t even talk or react to his father for the whole end of the episode!

    Her disdain “How is this even possible? This I would see.” Ha!

    Doc’s disconcerted face when hearing the cheers was quite nice. I like his little bell.


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