The Next Doctor – er..part two…um…yes

Ok, before I get into this, some of the following entry may cause offence. It’s not intended to, it’s me expressing my viewpoint on certain world politics. However, some people think that the slightest critiscism of a certain country is highly offensive.


Right, before we go into all that. a few thoughts on other, more cheerful thingys.

The Next Doctor

We’ve had a Matt Jones involved with Dr Who, now we have a Matt Smith (sounds like a CBBC presenter, lol). What is the programmes strange, subconcious obsession with Smith n Jones, eh? lol. What did I thing of the Young Chap? Well, as I’m sure the more sensible of you will realise, its waaaayyyy too early to critiscise him or, indeed, praise him to the hilt. However, what I saw on confidential I liked – moreso then Proper Dave who never really, completely, sold the role to me – yeah he’s a great actor, but one felt he was acting, not just…’being’ the role. Look at Tom or Pat and you’ll see what I mean. Smith seems to have a very McCoy quality to him, very Puckish…the hand waving, the train of thought wandering all over the place, the idea that yes, he can have secrets….. Plus, after Dr Emu we now get Dr Emo – and Im all for that..lets goth the place up a bit……


This very saturday I discovered, upon my doorstep a box. It was made of cardboard. Contained within were my Daleks. I had summoned their assistance from Amazon…sorry, sorry, sorry…but with the amount of pepperpots I now have in the flat, Im really starting to think I’m Davros. Anyway, it was the Dalek set number 1 – with the Daleks, Planet and Genesis versions.

My word, but they’re good! In fact, the sculpting on these puts to shame that on the new series Dalek figures (or ‘toys’ as we should call them 😛 ). Yup, there’s the different styles – even down to dome lights, colours, guns, bumpers…quite simply they are superb – not quite up there with Product Enterprises, however, for cost and acuracy, sorry, but these things rock. Though I now have to check if the Supreme Dalek from Planet had that awfull oval spot between its arm and gun….time to dig out my Ausie Pirate (the tape keeps yelling ‘Arrrr cobber..’) to check.

Talking of the Dalek Supreme, Im working on a short sketch about a meeting of the Supreme Council…expect major sillyness.

Right then…brace yourselves….

Israel and Hamas

The current exchange rate seems to be 1 Israeli to every 100 Palastinians. Children, non-combatants, innocents, all die under the terrible onslaught that Israel has launched against the Gaza Strip. Make no mistake, this attack has been in planning for 5 months – during the ceasfire. Israel claims it wants to stop the Hamas rocket attacks but during the ceasefire they happily carried on attacking Gaza.

Don’t get me wrong here, this isn’t a one sided rant. Hamas have to stop attacking Israel and start talking. But Israel is, quite simply the abused child, now passing on that abuse. And the world doesn’t do a damn thing.

Why is this, I wonder?

Well, America supplies Israel with its ordanance, so they have a vested interest in keeping the attacks going as long as possible. Oh, the Bush administration have made the usual noises about terrorism, but its a smoke screen. The USA even stopped a UN rresolution calling for a ceasefire. Mind you, the UN is just so ineffective as a world body – only its aid programmes seem to be of use. Plus Israel cheerfully ignore the UN – they have their big brother, the USA to help them. Remember, America only recognised Israel as an independant state because there was an election coming up and the then President wanted the Jewish vote.

I am not anti-semetic, let me be clear on that. As Ive said countless times, its what a person, or state, or religion etc does and says that makes the difference, not what they are. However, Israel is starting to mimic a certain european government circa 1933…..Conditions in the Gaza strip – during what can laughingly be called ‘peacetime’, are that of the ghetto. So many basic essentials are difficult to get hold of. During this attack, its now even worse. And people wonder why Israel and big brother America are hated so much!

It was a huge mistake to allow jewish settlers to basically go to the cradle of the three major Abrahamic religions and declare the State of Israel. After the second world war, those poor, poor people should have been given a large chunk of Germany to do with as they wished.

Instead you have two religions that hate each other, living side by side and making that hate into violence.

There is no way out now, I’m sorry to say. Even if Hamas decided on a peacefull route, there are still extremists on both sides who will flare the trouble up again. And the cycle will continue, over and over. Until one day, someone pops a nuke in Israel. A terrorist attack that could, horribly, lead the whole world into a conflict.

So, Israel, Hamas….will you continue to fight until there is nothing left to win…?

I fear you will.

One only hopes Obama will be tougher on israel. Can you imagine the shock if America turned around and said ‘NO’ to it’s little brother?
Again, none of the above is meant to offend – everyone is so sensitive about critiscising israel because of what happened over 60 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, that was the most horrific thing imaginable – though nowadays its allowed to keep happening in Africa as long as the so-called civilised West and China get what they can out of it. And whilst we should never, EVER forget the Holocaust, Israel cannot be allowed to use it as an excuse to avoid behaving like a decent, civilised country should…


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