A Shameful Cousin, 6 of 1, 192 of the other…

Juliette Gallichan is my Cousin-in -law. She married a son of my Uncle Graham.

The woman is a toadying, brown-nosing, power hungary, corrupt official in the States of Jersey. She stood down as a Deputy there to stand for Constable of St. Mary (an archaic post) – and was quoted that she had done it to get more power.

She does what she’s told by the ruling oligarchy, votes how shes instructed and frankly has no mind of her own.

She is a disgrace to our family.

Her latest instructions concern Senator Stuart Syvret.

Syvret is a thorn in the Oligarchy’s side. He refuses to play ball and – horror of horrors – insists on telling the public the truth. He’s been a tireless campaigner on behalf of all those who were abused in Jersey as children and has pointed out a lot of things the public would never know about if it were left to the local media – which is ridgedly controlled.

The latest thing concerns a tragic death at the Jersey General Hospital. I won’t go into details here as I’d only be copying that which is written on Syvret’s blog – the link to his blog is in the side column…I strongly urge you all to go there and have a long, hard read. Your eyes will be opened and hopefully you’ll add your voice for justice.

Anyway, the Minister in charge of Health and Social Services was due to have a session of taking questions without notice – in other words he’d have no time to prepare a scripted answer. And Syvret is the person they most fear in that chamber.

Yesterday, Syvret recieved a phone call from my beloved Cousin to inform him that she was using an archaic and out of date piece of legislation to effectivly shut him up and possibly remove him from the States on suspension. Now, the woman simply doesn’t have the brains to come up with that herself – shes acting on behalf of the Oligarchy who are terrified that Syvret will hit on something they can’t deny – forcing resignations.

Juliette Gallichan is a shamefull disgrace to our Family name and I distance the rest of the Family from her. And yes…she will be getting a phone call from me. I’d do it in person, however, theres a lot of water between me and Jersey. Lets see if I can reduce her to tears, shall we? And before you wonder if I’m being too harsh, again I say read Syvret’s blog. Then decide.


Syvret was not suspended today..it will probably be at the next States’ sitting. I would caution the States as to how far they go – the people of Jersey will only take so much….

Be Seeing You..

So, onto more sad things. It’s one of those blog entries, alas. Patrick McGoohan died a short while back. I always loved The Prisoner. It’s very much a product of it’s time and McGoohan is so arch in it as to be fitted in Portmerion across one of the little roads they have there. He had a bizarre, barking way of speach which at times was….tricky to decipher. I remember watching a fan production called ‘The Men From ITC’. Im sure you can fathom what it was about from the title, lol. Anyway, in this, Jeff Randell gets killed and has to choose one person to speak to as a ghost. To Marty Hopkirk’s disbelief, he choses McGoohan. ‘Of all the people you could have chosen, you choose the one person no one will understand!!’

The Death of the Dalek Supreme

John Scott Martin was a true gentleman. I met him in Clacton-On-Sea at the second Space Mountain event (lovely cons those, run by lovely people). Softly spoken, didn’t want to be any trouble to anyone – just as well, I was stewarding and had already had to run out into the rain to find John Levene a sarnie and as we all know, my hair and rain simply do NOT mix, lol. JSM was a Dalek operator from the early sixties, I believe, as well as playing other monster roles – and that of a doomed security guard in Robot. He was also 192 in the original 118118 adverts.

Hart Taken

Yet another death, that of Tony Hart. I used to watch him on Vision On – he hardly ever spoke on that show, but produced memorable images. I remember the ‘Dance of the Daleks’ – it’s on the Genesis of the Daleks dvd in one of the documentaries. That was a childhood memory that I was sure I’d imagined…from around the time of Planet of the Daleks, if I’m not mistaken. Hart created the original Blue Peter ship and continued to encourage kids to create their own art for years to come. Another one who’ll be missed…

No caption needed.

No caption needed.


It finaly happened. Cheney turned into Dr Strangelove. I couldn’t help but pee myself laughing at him whilst watching Obama’s inauguration. Scarily, he looks like the Prez from Strangelove also….I had visions of him, during a particular bit of Obama’s speach, disagreeing so violently that he’d rise from the chair shouting ‘Mein Fuhrer, I can valk!’
Oh the sheer bliss of thaty image will stay with me for a long time….

right, thats it for this one…oh, and Cousin? STOP IT!

3 Responses to “A Shameful Cousin, 6 of 1, 192 of the other…”

  1. February 4, 2009 at 8:44 am

    Hi Tony,
    Don’t worry most people have the common sense not to tar all family members with the same brush, the odd bad apple amongst ones relatives is not unusual, although I must admit this woman needs a good kick up the backside metaphorically speaking of course, it appears that she doesn’t have a brain of her own and is just a another puppet on a string, which is a great shame for those who voted for her who desire and deserve better. It actually made me regret not standing for election because we do need some strong fair minded women in the states, if I was in better health I would have stood, but even in not the best of health I could do a better job, at least I would use my own marbles and not become a sheep.

    The Prisoner is being replayed on Sky on Tuesday’s at 11.am ITV 4, great series, reminds me of Jersey on so many fronts. I bet the States Establishment Elite would love some of those balloons and the first person they would attack with it would be Senator Stuart Syvret, but you and I wouldn’t be very far down on their list among others as we are all a needles as far as they are concerned. Oh well here’s to popping lots of their balloons in the future, the truth will out and they cannot stop the tide any more than a certain king could.
     Have a great day and look after yourself!

  2. 2 macfadyan
    February 4, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    Most kind 🙂

    Its just as wel Im not in Jersey as Id probably have been arrested for public order offences by now – as I’m sure you’ll agree, one gets so frustrated at the fact that They somehow cling to power…now me, I favour rushing the States, placing em all under house arrest then popping them all into La Moye.

    Vivre La Revelution

    Or something.

  3. February 16, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    I get all my Jersey info from you.

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