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Those were the days my friends….

Well, a few thingies to mumble about….

Firstly, I popped up to Tavern this Thursday gone. I believe I may have drunk more then my official quota of rum – odd stuff, rum. You just don’t feel drunk with it. I spent a happy evening chatting to old friends, meeting new friends (hello Katya) and introducing said new friends to the joys of suet. Oh and I bumped into Gareth Roberts who I haven’t seen years…we both bemoaned our expanded waistlines. I spent the evening pretending to be Kim Newman – I finally managed to fit back into my rather yummy red waistcoat and found the one pair of trousers that fit me – I dunno, weight gain, weight loss, Ive no idea where I am..I have to buy pyjamas very shortly, buggered if I know what size to get.

It strikes me that the Fitzroy Tavern is the perfect encapsulation of the Mary Hopkins’ song ‘Those Were The Days’. Seriously, if you know Tavern, listen to the song…the lyrics are scarily accurate. Andy Lane has a wonderful theory that there is only ever just one Tavern and people just drift in and out of it as and when they please – a bit like the party in ‘Life, The Universe and Everything’ I suppose..

And now, medical whinging…

Now, you see, this trip to Tavern was an experiment, a test if you like. I wanted to see if I could do it. As you rabble know, my body isn’t at it’s best currently. However, the increased medication is starting to do some good, it seems. I’m walking better for a start. I admit, Friday after Tavern I ached like no tomorrow – I had, possibly, overdone it a little it seems. However, it was worth it. You see I have to pop up to London shortly to go to St. George’s Hospital in Tooting. Gotta have a biopsy. My CT scans showed my lungs to be like Swiss cheese or, if you like, old school TARDIS walls. With a load of what they call ‘Glass Shatter’ also. Now, this isn’t a biggy – at least, I hope it isn’t…but it might, may possibly just explain and show a root cause for everything if it’s what I think it is.   Sarcoidosis All the symptoms it says I’s quite uncanny. So, I’m hoping thats what it is as it’ll give us a root cause that can be treated.

More nostalgia…

So, back in 2003 I was one of so very many that went slightly nuts at the news that Doctor Who was returning. It’s one hell of a rush, believe me. And one only thinks one can have that sort of happyness – sad though it may well be – once.


You see, as some may know, I’m a bit of a fan of a band called Ultravox. Actually, I’m a bit of an obsessive. Got tons of albums, cds, bootlegs etc.  The band started, I believe back in 73 as ‘Tiger Lilly’ – er, I think…it’s all a bit hazy, lol. After a change in line up at the end of the 70’s they became succesful – a hit with ‘Sleepwalk’ then, of course, ‘Vienna’

Interesting thing that – one gets lost on YouTube…vid after vid after vid… I’ve been an hour browsing, lol.  Anyway,  the band split around 1986 and I never got to see them live. Oh, I’ve seen Midge Ure solo a few times now, but nobody ever thought that Ultravox – the succesful eighties’ line up would ever get back together.

Well, satan is skating to work, it seems. They are back, touring, doing festivals…ya never know, there might even be a studio album. Myself, I’m still doing the happy dance….

Talking of Ultravox…

The blokey chap who first introduced me to the band got in touch over Friendface. For it was you, Simon Dodkins, that showed me some clips from the ‘Monument’ live video that they played on BBC2. You who got me into the band. (its good this, I can blame Dodders for my Ultravox obsession and my dad for my Doctor Who obsession – I need take no responsibility for any of my actions, ahahahahahahahah – Trumpets!). Anyway, it seems that the floodgates have now opened. I went to school with Dodders – and some other old friends have just got in touch – Andrew Le Seelleur and Robert ‘Soggy’ Surcouf – and no, I have NO idea why he was called ‘Soggy’…been a mystery to me for years that has. It’s good to see that some people still remember me, lol.

A mad in the heed cat…

I got another cat. I know, I know, I wasn’t going to have any more, but, well, her owner had died, social services wanted her to be put down, she was being looked after an odd fellow at a dog kennels…I couldn’t say no.

The thing is though..well…shes mad. I’ve called her Poppy because calling a black cat Zulu as she had been named, simply isn’t the done thing. She’s slowley settling in…very chatty, very anti my other 5 cats…and very hissy and growly – I’ll be fussing her one moment with her chirruping and  purring, the next moment she’s growling and frankly putting my hands in severe danger of being eaten… I think shes had a bit of a rough time of it, poor lil thing, so some tlc is needed…

Ok, thats that for now then

Oh, and I’ll be giving my E-Space comments shortly