Throwing a Paddy….

I, being of sad mind and body, am currently in the middle of editing down the isolated music scores to State of Decay and Warriors’ Gate. This way I get them in nice, shiny cd format and on my mp3 player.

It will also mean that I have achieved a small, sad, lonely personal ambition in which I have all of series 18’s incidental music – even the couple of cues missed out on the Full Circle cd can now be rescued from the dvd.

I’ve always adored the music to series 18 – and series 18 as a whole, tbh – though I do have….problems with Roger Limb’s stuff for Keeper of Traken. So I now need a new musical ambition and that, ladies, gentlemen and small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri is the isolated music score for the Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy – more paddy Kingsland, heh, heh, heh.  However, talking to young Mark Ayres, this may not be a possibility…I won’t go into reasons here, mainly cos Im not too sure of them as I’d been at the rum – see below post. However, one can hope……

Anyway, if ya wanna see just how badly I was influenced by Paddy Kingsland’s music for series 18 of Dr Who Ill chuck in a couple of mp3’s.

I must stress that these were done at a very early stage of my musical development, done on primative equipment and before I reaklly knew what I was doing. (I still don’t – I make it up as I go along and hope for luck, lol). They were done for The Buccaneer Chronicles on Staggering Stories and were trailers for text stories. Ill include the trailers themselves also so you can see how they fit together. the music was done from memory and again, I stress that this was very early days.

Romana\’s Theme

Vampire Mutations Trailer

Ohica’s Rant by Tony Gallichan

State of Decay – early cover by Tony Gallichan

1 Response to “Throwing a Paddy….”

  1. February 16, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    I love your music, Paddy Kingsland-influenced or not.

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