heh…sorry, couldn’t resist the title, lol.

Ok then, news for burglers. I’ll be somewhat quiet for about the next week as I’m into hostipal to have a lung biopsy. Now, I have asked for the bit of lung back – they’ve refused. So I’ve asked for a receipt. Look, I’m going to be leaving there a bit of lung less then when I went in so I want official proof!

I think they may look at my head whilst they’re at it, lol.

If anyone wants to visit, I’ll be in St. George’s Hostipal, Caroline Ward, in Tooting, London apparently, from Sunday until either Tuesday or Wednesday.

I was planning on getting there under my own steam – hence the trip to tavern this month as a test run. However, with the admissions letter came a list of drugs I had to stop taking for 7 days before my op. Included were my anti inflamatories. Now, I thought I ached whilst I was taking them. Without them I am a complete wreck. In bloody agony, can hardly move, let alone walk – managed to ‘have a fall’ the other night which left me struggling to climb up off the floor into an armchair for five minutes. I truly had NO idea just how much good those pills were doing me and just how bad I really am.

To cover for them, the Doc has prescribed some pain killers which, well, they help, but thay aint my Diclofenic, or whatever they’re called, lol.

Anyway, there’s no way I can get there under my own steam now, so the hostipal is sending transport for me – something I was vigorously opposed to until the full effects of the arthritis showed itself. Mind you, trying to get that organised has been a beurocratic nightmare. But spelt better.

One good thing about this hostipal thing is there is a chance I may get a visit from my brother, Michael. Haven’t seen him in years – and before that didn’t see him for 25 years – we have a somewhat disfuctional family, alas. But it would be good to see him again – chalk and cheese we are. I always said to my dad, ‘Look, I do the science fiction, Michael does the football – don’t try to mix up the conversations.’ LOL.

So, into town tomorrow to buy…oh dear…. pyjamas.

I got old.

More when I return next week, and like I say, if your in the area, do feel free to pop in…Ill talk to anyone 🙂


3 Responses to “Lung-Borrow”

  1. 1 Ben
    February 20, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Good luck in there mate.
    Hopefully they’ll find something useful and they will finally figure out what’s wrong with you.

    (Physically, that is. Mentally, you cannot be cured :P)

  2. 2 Lizaanne
    February 21, 2009 at 4:18 am

    Hope everything goes well and that they sort you out brilliantly. Feeling rotten is so frustrating. Bravo on the blogsite, though.
    I’ve just spent the last week or so enjoying the early Staggering Stories podcasts, Whocast, etc, as I have recently entered the 21st century and bought my first ipod (huzzah!). After taking numerous ones away from my students for listening to them during my lessons, I figured I should have one of my very own. 😉
    Radio is such a friendly medium that I feel I’m part of the club with the voices echoing thorugh the earbuds. I’ve very much enjoyed your rants,(though, ‘lectures toward a cause’ is such a nicer phrase, don’t you think– makes one seem learned and erudite) about classic Who (among other things), and I’ve learned much. As a generational fan (my mom watched Tom Baker in the late 70s when she was living in England, and then introduced my sister and I to the program when it was on PBS here in Florida during the early 90s), I’ve had little exposure to very early years and to late eighties Who, so I’ve really revelled in your in-depth discussions of those episodes (oh dear, this sentence got rather out of countrol, didn’t it). Also, since I’m a word person (you couldn’t tell at all, could you?), hearing a music-person’s perspectives is interesting.
    Anyway, this was waay too long a reply, but I hope all goes swimmingly and that you are back with us soon.

  3. 3 macfadyan
    February 21, 2009 at 11:13 am

    Ah, the runaway sentance….tis a thing of joy!

    Thank you both for the kind wishes – and I’m glad you enjoy listening to stuff and things 😛

    When I return, expect a ‘Lecture towards a cause’ about the moral quandry I find myself in about watching the new Dr Who special, Planet of the Dead…… I aint a happy bunny…..

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