Two Scary Women and Sweet Caroline…

Ok, lets do the last bit first as it seems about right for me.

I’m back…I’m achy and I’m held to gether with, wait for it….


No, really, staples. I daren’t go near anything with a magnet in.

It’s been a good many years since I was an in-patient at a hostipal and my Bod, I have been so very impressed by Caroline ward at St. George’s Hostipal. It’s spotlessly clean. The nursing staff don’t just know exactly what they’re doing, they are cheerfull, helpfull, pleasent and make the stay as enjoyably possible – seriously, if I hadn’t been fretting about my moggies I’d have happily stayed there a couple more days. Even the wonderful woman who cooks and serves tea and whose name I have unforgivably forgotton is perfect for her role – so much happiness.

I know not all NHS places are like this, but I count myself bloody lucky I was in Caroline ward and I’d like to publically thank all the nurses, Doctors, anxcilleries, and well, everyone there for just being so wonderful.

To be honest it does put things a little more in perspective. I was in a weard with 6 beds. In one was someone needing a by-pass, in two, he said trying not to sound like a ‘Bullseye’ announcer, was a gent who has cancer and was only in for one night before going home, in three, an elderly gent with blood clots all over the place. In four, well…I don’t know exactly what was wrong with him, but the poor man was suffering. In 5, a nice Scots chap who kept having the most polite heart attacks…

So you see, I’m lying there, drain sticking out of me, finger by the morphine release button (wicked thing that…) and I’m hearing the odd moan of pain, or fear. It put it into perspective for me. I was just having a lung biopsy – simple, easy, fairly pain free – and with added staples. These other guys, well…there but for the grace of Aunt Flo go I… Count your blessings folks, because sometimes we simply don’t know just how lucky we are.

Now then…the ‘Scary Woman’ part of this blog entry. And its incredibly frustrating too.

I was waiting on Tuesday afternoon for transport home, which had been delayed and I was asked to shift out of my bed and wait in the ‘Day Room’ – Lots of chairs, TV that only shows one channel etc. Anyway, something happened that was against nature itself. In the room were two women, one of whom was waiting for a bed to come free. Her sister, Jackie, and I struck up a conversation whilst Jo had to pop off and talk medical stuff – and thanks to the wonders of modern, disposable telly, Jackie discovered the…er… ‘Joy’ of World Thumb Wrestling, or whatever it’s called. This may have damaged her mind, if I’m honest, but both women decided to get their own back by praising Jessica Fletcher, Death’s Champion from Murder She Wrote.

Actually, I owe Jackie an apology. You see, when Jo came back and we all started to natter, Jo revealed that shes a mad Doctor Who fan…as well as all sorts of other stuff. As a result we started bantering back n forth and poor Jackie, well…I just feel I was unintentionally very rude then, so I apologise for that.

Jackie, also, likes Who. And this is where I have to stop and complain about how unatural these things are. I’ve said this before, but Doctor Who is for small, sad little dweebs like me. It is not for consumption by witty, attractive, intelligent women who can hold one hell of a funny conversation about Davison’s vegetable or whatever. It is, quite frankly, scary.

Stop it. It’s not big and it’s not clever. And no, I’m not talking about Davison’s vegetable.

I had about 2 hours of great (cats just jumpec omn my lap – things could get wobbly) fun, conversation and laughter.

Then it was all cruelly taken away as Jo n Jackie had to go to Jo’s bed and get settled in and my transport shortly arrived after.

Want to know whats even worse? Jo, whom I admit to being slightly smitten with, is a huge Ultravox fan also.

Life, thou art cruel.

Still, she’s got the blog addy. My email addy. My phone number. Lists of podcasts Ive done…..

There’s no excuse, dya here me?

Unless Im far too dweebish for modern Doctor Who Fans of the female woman persuasion. At which point I shall just jump into my greatcoat and mock.


That was me.

Doing mocking.

4 Responses to “Two Scary Women and Sweet Caroline…”

  1. 1 Lizaanne
    February 28, 2009 at 3:42 am

    Good to hear that everything went well. Hope she calls.

  2. 2 Wellwisher
    March 2, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Glad to hear it went well.

  3. 3 Ben
    March 9, 2009 at 10:45 am

    Good to read that it went well.
    Have you heard from her yet?

    Btw: Is your grapics card finally fixed?

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