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Planet of the lack of Human Rights….

Ok, I’ve been promising this one for a little while – and it’s being typed by the power of my monitor alone (I said to John that Karree Gorrock Gorrock, Perdanesta Zell would be a great chant for the Monitor and naturally he agreed with me – Barry said there might be some chant left over from his time on the show, but it was Buddist, so I wasn’t going to use that magical stuff) – I can see this Chris Bidmead thing running for a while, you have been warned –  during Earth Hour, so the typing may be far worse then usual. Quickly talking of Earth Hour, I appreciate that its a symbolic thing, but its completly failed around here in Crawley – lights blazing out everywhere – I live among morons, sorry, but I do…I have very little respect for them and that shames me more then them, if I’m honest.

For those wanting some more about Jersey, please be patient…Im trying to feed two seperate groups of folk on this blog. I do fully appreciate how important the Jersey stuff is, and plans are aofot for a podcast about it, but its very early days yet.

Right then..Planet of the Dead for those that don’t know, is the second of the specials that will see out David Tennant as the Doctor in BBC TV’s far-too-popular-for-its-own-good-I-still-like-the-one-with-the-scarf flagship programme, Doctor Who.

So, it’s Doctor Who and I’m a BIGGGGG fan of the show, both old and new. So why should I have a problem with this particular special? Well, the title of this particular blog entry will tell you – face facts, if you ain’t worked it out by now just keep banging the rocks together. (Ooh, but I’m snarky tonight – apologies. I blame accidently watching Robin Hood – oh the pain, the pain).

The special has been filmed in Dubai, a place that is fast becoming the incredibly decadent tourist attraction of choice. Fine. Want decadence? Ok, not a problem. But when that level of luxuary is built on a heap of Human Rights abuses, then I have… problems. What abuses? Well, I’ll mention the way labour is treated there, but for the rest, I think it’s time that you lot did some research of your own, yeah? If you can’t be bothered to, well, thats down to you and your conscience.

What the hell Cardiff were thinking when they gave Dubai lots of lovely liscense fee money for no other reason then ‘getting some sand in the shot – innit pretty?’ bewilders me.

Or it would if I didn’t have a nasty, suspicious mind.

‘I know, look, it’s our last throw of the dice, we’re all leaving, lets go somewhere nice. Hooray! Marvelous! Trebles and squashed double deckers all round!’

Cynical? Moi?

If the Doc were to actually land there – yeah, its fiction, I know, this is a hypothetical situation, get with it – I have a feeling that he’d topple the government there overnight qv: Happiness Patrol. Filming in a place with such a bad record betrays the concepts that cardiff have been talking about since the show came back. And could well be a case of one of the worst descisions, morally, that has happened to the show since it started back in ’63.

So, my problem now is – and its a unique one for me – do I actually watch Planet of the Dead and become complicit in such a thing?

Can I ignore my Fan Gene and not watch? I’m going to be very honest here and say that I truly don’t know. Time will tell.


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Thank you, thank you..

Just so you rabble know, Im not too well atm – new post will be forthcoming..

cheers for the patience.

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Some thoughts on the State of jersey…

So, others do have soemthing to say about Jersey…. This is a superb video and a great piece of music too… please feel rfree to pass it on.

Ill be posting my own thoughts about stuff soon, once Im off the low part of the pill cycle, lol. Oh, and fans of dr Who, fear not, I haven’t forgotton my devotions….this is a bit more important, yeah? Don’t worry, a piece on why I’m going to have trouble watching Planet of the Dead will be forthcoming…at some stage…. Until then, here is some light music….


So, that health minister then…

Want to know what the guy in charge – well, nominally – of Jersey thinks of the disgraceful conduct of his health minister?  The following is from the Jersey Evening Post website – word of warning, the JEP is a mouthpiece for the establishement there…but occasionally it does have no choice but to be critical…

NO action will be taken against the Health Minister for swearing at another States Member and telling him to kill himself, according to the Chief Minister.

Over 300 comments on our website have called for Senator Jim Perchard to resign over the incident. However, Senator Terry Le Sueur says that the matter is now closed.

Many JEP readers have expressed disgust that Senator Jim Perchard (pictured)admitted swearing at Senator Stuart Syvret in the States last week.

And the majority of comments posted on have called for Senator Perchard to resign after the JEP revealed that he told Senator Syvret to ‘slit his wrists’ after a press conference late last year.



Ok, time to get serious. The previous posting was a general ‘look at the state of things’ post.

Now to show you the sort of thing that goes on in Jersey. The following is copied from the blog of Senator Stuart Syvret. It makes for grim reading. Stuart’s court case against Straw was thrown out, the judges saying he had to take it before jersey’s judicial system first – effectivly asking them to judge themselves. Ridiculous. Also both judges had a conflict of interest…one of which was so serious there is no way he should have been sitting in on this case.

Something has to happen in Jersey. Things simply cannot be allowed to continue like this.
So it begins.

It is with trepidation I publish the material below – for reasons which will become plain within the first few paragraphs.

The document I publish here was tabled before the court in London, as one item of evidence in the Applicant’s bundles.

To be clear – this went before the two judges – and even then, they chose to disregard the public interest – instead asserting that we should take up these matters with the Jersey justice apparatus.

Notwithstanding the fact that the same administration of justice apparatus was responsible for covering-up what is revealed.

The document I publish is a secret Police report from 1999.

It is self-explanatory.

The subject of this report – one Andrew Charles Marolia – came to the attention of the Police because of – comparatively – minor offences involving the stealing of drugs from the Jersey General Hospital.

He was charged with these comparatively minor offences, pleaded guilty – and was sentenced to two years unsupervised probation.

I was a member of the then Health & Social Services Committee, and later became President of the Committee in December, 1999.

Marolia was sacked from the General Hospital in response to the comparatively minor offences.

However, being a former military Nurse, who has served in the first Gulf war – he found a ready stream of politicians and others to lobby on his behalf to be allowed to be re-employed in the Hospital.

On one occasion he appeared before the H & SS Committee to make a formal appeal.

It was rejected because of the conviction for the minor offences.

Still, I continued to be lobbied by politicians and others, who wanted the Committee to employ Marolia again.

I raised the issue of this lobbying in a face-to-face meeting with the then Chief executive of Health & Social Services, Graham Jennings.

I did not want Marolia to be re-employed, and Jennings was certainly of the same opinion.

He explained that Marolia was obviously a wholly unsuitable individual to be in health care. Jennings went on to say that, in any event, we couldn’t be expected to take Marolia back even if we wanted to – as he was deeply unpopular with other staff – who were “mounting a vendetta against him”. To illustrate the extremity and unreasonableness of the “personality clash”, Jennings said to me, “a member of staff has even suggested that he killed people. It’s utter rubbish. But don’t worry – the Police have investigated the matter, and whilst they were too gung-ho and wanted to start exhuming the non-cremated bodies, the Attorney General Michael Birt has told them to drop it, because he doesn’t believe their are any grounds for securing a conviction.”

At the time, I took this at face value. After all, if your professional Health Chief Executive tells you this – and relays to you the fact that no less an authority than the Attorney General has dismissed the allegations – who is a mere politician to doubt them?

But – some years later – around 2005, perhaps – a conscientious member of staff at H & SS leaked this Police report to me.

As is clear from the Report, Jennings had a copy – but he never told my Committee or me of its existence.

It took a whistle-blower to reveal it.

When I read the report you are about to read, I was speechless.

Amongst it’s suggestions are that – during the period of February 1999, through March 1999 – Marolia may have murdered 13 people in the Hospital.

8 – in a period of four nights during February 1998.

5 – during March 1998.

As for the remaining 10 months he worked on Corbiere Ward – who knows?

At the time of reading this report, I was deeply shocked that Jersey’s then Attorney General, Michael Birt, could cause such an investigation to be dropped.

Jersey’s version of Harold Shipman.

A mass-murderer in sunny Jersey’s hospital?

Oh dear – terrible for the image of the island’s authorities.

Potentially a huge scandal – of the kind that might “shaft Jersey internationally”.

Never mind – brush, brush – carpet, carpet. There – sorted.

Everyone can carry on with a nice easy, quite time. No controversies.

No awkward questions.

One of the tragedies of this episode is that reading the judgment on Marolia’s conviction for the minor offences – by way of sentencing mitigation, his legal representative adduced a load of character witnesses.

Prominently amongst them – people who’s loved-ones had been “cared for” by Marolia.

How many of those loved-one were murdered by Marolia?

We will probably never know.

Thanks to Jersey’s prosecutory and judicial system.

And to think – some people doubt the capacity of the Jersey oligarchy to cover-up child abuses – and possibly killings?

The horror, the horror.



Your ref:

Our ref: RHLeB/PAO

Date: 12th May 1999.


M C St. J. Birt Esq. QC.
HM Attorney General
Law Officers’ Department
Morier House
Halkett Place
St. Helier

Dear Attorney General

Andrew Charles MAROLIA

I refer to the attached report by Detective Inspector Faudemer concerning the above named who is currently on remand from the Magistrates’ Court for a variety of charges involving Drugs, Theft and Firearms.

Mr. Faudemer’s report details allegations and innuendo, the most serious of which indicate that Marolia may, over a period of time, have terminated the lives of some patients at the General Hospital where he was employed as a Nurse.

I support Mr. Faudemer’s recommendation that if enquiries are to continue a phased approach should be undertaken, the first of which would be to collate further evidence. However, I recognise that the continuation and development of this investigation will require a high level of legal advice and guidance from your department and our work will impinge upon the Health Authority and Viscount and given the uniqueness and sensitivity of such an investigation I feel it is appropriate to hold a high level meeting with yourself and others to whom I have copied this letter.

The purpose of the meeting will be to receive an oral brief from Mr. Faudemer who will be able to answer questions which you and others may have, followed by a general discussion to determine the way forward.

The meeting has been arranged for Thursday 20th May at 2.15 p.m. in the Conference Room at Police Headquarters and I look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

R. H. Le Breton
Chief Officer

c.c. Legal Adviser – Mr. Ian Christmas, Deputy Viscount – Mr. P. De Gruchy, Chief Executive Health Service – Mr. G Jennings, Deputy Chief Officer – Mr. R. Jones, Superintendent – T. Garrett, Director of Finance – Mr. M. Szpera.


Submitted by: Detective Inspector B. Faudemer.

Date: 8th May, 1999.

Subject: Investigation of Nurse Andrew Charles MAROLIA.


This report has been compiled into three separate areas, namely:

1.Evidence which gives rise to concern, relating to the activities of Andrew Charles MAROLIA.

2. The recommended for phase 1 of any investigation.

3. The suggested manpower requirements for conducting such an investigation.


On Thursday, 1st April, 1999, Police Officers attended the home address of a female who disclosed that Andrew Charles MAROLIA, a Staff Nurse on Corbiere Ward, had stolen and stored drugs at her home address. The female, an ex-lover of Mr. MAROLIA, produced to the officers, drugs in the form of Valium and Hypnoval, together with a syringe containing clear liquid and several packets of Coproxamol. These have since been identified and their content verified. Hypnoval is more commonly known as a ‘date rape’ drug. Enquiries confirmed that the drugs were from the hospital and indeed had been sent from the Hospital Pharmacy to Corbiere Ward, where Mr. MAROLIA worked.

A check on the Firearms Register held at Police Headquarters, revealed that Mr. MAROLIA had possession of several firearms, and that his Firearms License had expired in October, 1998. The female who handed the drugs to the Police confirmed that MAROLIA had attended at her premises with a loaded firearm.

Mr. MAROLIA was arrested on returning to the Island on the 17th April, 1999, and, armed with a Warrant, his home address was searched. During the search, the following property was recovered.

1. One lump of brown cannabis resin, tablets and scales.
2. Knuckle-duster.
3. A Police Philips radio (in working order).
4. Bag containing various medications.
5. Eleven syringes with a clear liquid within, and other medication, including
two bottles of potassium chloride.
6. Six firearms, with large quantity of ammunition.
7. One expired Firearms Certificate.

MAROLIA was interviewed concerning the medication found, and at first suggested that the insulin in the eleven syringes was intended as an aid to body-building. He later changed this story, in that he intended to kill himself with the medication, by marching down to the Cenotaph in military dress, where he would inject himself with a lethal dose of insulin and potassium chloride.

He claimed that the medication recovered from his ex-girlfriend’s address by the Police, which prompted the investigation, had originated from himself, but that he had taken it to the location by mistake, from Corbiere Ward, having left it in the pocket of his nurse’s uniform.

Police Surgeon Dr. Michael HOLMES first expressed concern when he viewed the drugs recovered, in that a combination of insulin and potassium would be very difficult to detect in the body. Added to this, the amount of drugs in the possession of Mr. MAROLIA cast doubt on his account, in that he had several lethal doses of drug. If a person with a serious medical history were to be injected with the combination of drugs found in the possession of MAROLIA, the cause of death would not be clearly apparent. His possession of such drugs was therefore regarded as suspicious.

Enquiries have continued over the last three weeks, and have established that Mr. MAROLIA has had several affairs with either patients or relatives of patients at the General Hospital.

A disturbing disclosure was received from a nurse in the United Kingdom, which will be subject of comment later in this report. The evidence which gives rise to the suspicion that Mr. MAROLIA may have endangered the life of patients is as follows.


Nurse A in the UK, has disclosed in a statement recorded on the 6th May, 1999, that she had worked with MAROLIA in Corbiere Ward during 1997 and 1998. She was part of a team of three who were responsible for one of four sections on Corbiere Ward. MAROLIA, Nurse A and another male nurse, would work together. She was the more senior of the three, and had responsibility for assessing Mr. MAROLIA’s performance. It should be stated at this stage, that this nurse is currently critically ill in hospital, awaiting a lung and heart transplant, and may die in the near future. She holds the view that MAROLIA was intent on terminating the life of very ill patients, and to support such a claim, she cites specific incidents.

Incident 1 – an elderly male admitted to Corbiere Ward (name unknown) suffered a heart attack which was further complicated when his insulin levels became abnormal. He was placed on a glucose drip, which is the normal procedure. The drip had been inserted correctly, and was working fine when Nurse A checked the patient on the previous evening in question. Nurse MAROLIA handed over to a nurse on the ward, just prior to Nurse A arriving for duty (the am. shift). On this occasion, MAROLIA had not worked with Nurse A and the normal team. As normal, the nurse checked on her patient and discovered, to her horror, that the glucose drip had been disconnected from the patient, and a bung put into the base, preventing the substance from leaking. The patient was unconscious and close to death. The nurse reconnected the drip and the patient recovered within about ten minutes.

Nurse A checked the patient’s records and established that MAROLIA, who had been solely responsible for his care had, at about 07.00 hours, entered a blood/sugar reading of ‘0.3’. She states this would be regarded as dangerously low (confirmed as critical by Dr. HOLMES). The nurse confronted MAROLIA immediately, as he was still on the ward, and he explained that the patient must have moved and the drip disconnected. She, however, cannot accept this account, due to the bung being in place and the fact that the patient was unconscious. The nurse endorsed the patient’s records accordingly, and reported her concerns to the Senior Nursing Officer Lesley HIGGINS.

The nurse alleges that HIGGINS disregarded the incident, in the hope that MAROLIA would shortly move to another position in the Accident and Emergency Department, and would therefore no longer be a problem.

The nurse checked the patient’s records some days later and noticed that an entry had been inserted by MAROLIA which stated that, on discovery of a 0.3 blood/sugar level, the Duty Doctor had been informed. The nurse believes this to be a false entry on the part of MAROLIA and that the doctor had not been consulted.

By placing a bung in the drip, she is firmly of the view that this was a deliberate act aimed at ending the patient’s life.

Incident 2 – A Mrs. [name excised] was admitted to Corbiere Ward at around Easter 1997, with liver failure. The son of Mrs. [name excised] confided in the nurse that MAROLIA had asked him why he bothered visiting, because his mother would be dead in the morning.

Mrs. [Name excised] died whilst on Corbiere Ward.

Incident 3 – Perhaps of greatest concern to Nurse A, was an incident in 1997, around the time Princess Diana died. Andrew MAROLIA had responsibility for a patient on the ward who was critically ill (name unknown). In the final days of the patient’s life, the family attended upon the patient 24 hours a day. Nurse A was approached by a member of the family, who asked why MAROLIA would turn up the dose on the diamorphine pump during the evening and re-set it to its original setting, before the morning shift began. This rang alarm bells for Nurse A, who reported the matter to Lesley HIGGINS, who again did not take the matter very seriously. Dr. HOLMES holds the view that such action could result in the early termination of a patient’s life.

Incident 4 – A young girl was admitted to Corbiere Ward, following an overdose. MAROLIA found her attempting to hang herself in the toilet on the ward. The patient was transferred to the APU, where it is alleged that the young girl disclosed to a member of staff that MAROLIA had offered to show her how to commit suicide correctly.


This incident occurred within the UK at Basingstoke Hospital. Nurse B was employed at the hospital and has disclosed in a statement, that she entered into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with MAROLIA during his one year attachment to Basingstoke Hospital. She explained that they had experimented with [sexual activities excised], with her permission. This had, however, progressed to MAROLIA becoming very violent, and he had on one occasion, thrown her over his shoulder and placed his knee on her chest, asking her if she wanted to die. She suffered a fractured sternum on this occasion. She alleges that the violence progressed to rape, and on one occasion, she was tied up on a table, naked, when he put a poker in the fire, took it out, placed it in water and ran it along her body at the time. Nurse B is very scared of MAROLIA, and she was spoken to by her line manager, after sporting a black eye and cut lip at work.

Basingstoke CID have been asked to undertake a thorough investigation of her allegations, which, on initial assessment, suggest the victim may have suffered over 20 incidents of rape.


Nurse C worked with Nurse A and MAROLIA. The nurse supports Nurse A’s account of the detached glucose drip, and will provide a statement on Tuesday, 11th May, 1999. The early indications suggest that the allegation that the hospital authorities, in the form of Senior Nursing Officer Lesley HIGGINS, did not act correctly, are supported by Nurse C.


HIGGINS paints a picture of an over-confident Andrew MAROLIA, who was taken to task for answering the telephone on the ward, introducing himself as the Ward Manager, rather than the junior nurse that he was. She recalls a clash of personalities between Nurse A and MAROLIA, but has omitted to reveal important evidence. Firstly, she has not mentioned the incident described by Nurse A. In addition, she has failed to produce the written assessments on MAROLIA, when Nurse A placed her concerns on record, in writing. Nurse HIGGINS has stated that she misses MAROLIA, due to being short-staffed. Nurse HIGGINS regards the Police enquiries to date as an inconvenience.


The Hospital Authorities, with the assistance of Senior Nursing Officer Jenny LE GALLAIS, have conducted a survey of deaths on Corbiere Ward, in conjunction with the duties of Andrew MAROLIA, from the 1st March, 1998, to the 31st March, 1999. The average death rate is 4.5 deaths per month, but evenly distributed between MAROLIA’s duty time, rests days and annual leave.

In February, 1999, however, the records show a significant departure from this trend, and we see 8 deaths in four nights when MAROLIA was on night duty. In March, 1999, five deaths occurred, all during the duty time or the next morning when MAROLIA would have been on night shift. Such fluctuations could easily be explained by a serious bout of flu affecting frail or already critically ill patients, but equally it could be due to foul play.


The services of Andrew Charles MAROLIA were dispensed with by the States of Jersey Police in September, 1993, as a result of:
a) irrational behavior;
b) consistent failure to seek advice;
c) consistent failure or refusal to follow advice given;
d) regular indications of mistrust between him and his peers.
Due the lead-up to his dismissal, he was described as deceitful and sly.


Medical reports from Dr. Ian BERRY and Dr. VINCENT, the suspect’s GP, indicate that MAROLIA has suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome linked to his service in the Gulf War. He suffered from depression in January, 1999, when he attended his GP. At no time has he given an indication of suicidal tendencies. The treatment for depression and the rise in deaths on Corbiere Ward during February, 1999, do give me cause for concern.

Mr. Richard WALTER

Mr. Richard W ALTER is a US Forensic Psychologist based at the Michigan State Prison. He has considerable experience in the field of offender profiling and visited Jersey to attend the International Police Surgeons Conference. Whilst in Jersey, I took the opportunity to relay the facts of this case to him. He confirmed my suspicions that MAROLIA possessed the hallmarks of a serial killer and that he was an extremely dangerous man. He found the sexual activities of MAROLIA to be of particular note and the threat to kill Nurse B, on the occasion that he allegedly broke her sternum, was an indication of the man’s unhealthy interest in death.


MAROLIA is due to reappear at the Magistrate’s Court on the 19th of May, 1999, and a bail application is expected. He is currently held at St. Saviour’s Hospital. The degree of security on Chausey Ward can only be described as poor.


Arising from the evidence above, I would recommend the following response from the States of Jersey Police.

I would advocate that this incident is broken up into two phases. Phase 2 should only be considered if significant evidence is uncovered during Phase 1.

Phase 1

The following action should be undertaken in pursuit of this case:

1) Recover all documents and appraisals from the Hospital in relation to Andrew Charles MAROLIA and patients mentioned in the statement of the nurses already interviewed.

2) Identify the patients referred to in the statement of Nurse A, and interview the relatives.

3) Identify and recover records of patients who died in February, 1999, and interview all relatives of such patients.

4) Identify and interview all past and present members of staff (46) in 1998.

5) Trace [name excised] reference possible sexual advances to her in Jersey by MAROLIA.

6) Re-interview Lesley HIGGINS in more depth reference the disclosures of Nurse A.

7) Identify all patients who were resident in Corbiere Ward in February, 1999, and during incidents referred to in the statement of Nurse A.

8) Identify and interview the female and members of staff reference the suicide attempt, including the hospital staff she disclosed to.

9) Engage a UK expert arising from a similar enquiry, to advise on this investigation.

10) Devise a press strategy.

11) Conduct an emergency conference with Hospital Authorities and request Senior Nursing Officer Jenny LE GALLAIS assists with the enquiry.

12) Commence a HOLMES incident room.

13) Seize drugs records on Corbiere Ward.

14) Invite Basingstoke CID to conduct enquiries into MAROLIA’s activities whilst in post at that location.

15) Identify all friends in Jersey of Nurse A and interview them.

16) Record possible ‘dying declaration’ from Nurse A.

Dependent upon the results of Phase 1, Phase 2 may require the following action.

Phase 2

Consideration should be given to expanding this enquiry to all patients who died on Corbiere Ward during the term of office of Andrew MAROLIA. This should, in my view, only be considered upon receipt of all the information obtained in Phase 1.


I have attempted to assess the manpower implications of undertaking such a major enquiry, and they are attached to this report in the following folders, together with other relevant data:

Folder 1: Schedule of suggested manpower requirements re: Phase 1.

Folder 2: Survey of deaths between the 1st March 1998, and 31st March 1999.

Folder 3: Statement of Nurse A.

Folder 4: Police report of Detective Sergeant 202 Andrew SMITH re: the seizure of drugs at the home address of Andrew Marolia.

Barry Faudemer
Inspector – CID


Jersey – Corrupt Cesspit

I posted this in response to a forum post about things not being too good in the Uk nowadays…

If your interested in seeing what the UK could become like, then look no further then the island of Jersey. It’s a micro model of the future. Corrupt establishement sweeping anything that may damage them or the island’s reputation under the carpet – being helped by the uk to do so. Ridiculous descisions made by the establishment about finance, waste disposal, housing, health. The Haute de la Garrenne abuse probe is being quietly buried, despite at least 100 people (Im not including the 60 or so wankers who decided it would be funny to fake report) giving the same stories. The Establishement waited until the guy who was on top of the whole thing retired, then got in someone who is well know for whitewashing in police cases. They then suspended the police chief – quite illegally. Then theres the deaths at the hospital – people were warned that it couild happen, but no one took any notice. Tax? Well, the people in charge are mostley millionaires or multi millionaires. They decided that people with a large income need not pay tax and they’d introduce a form of VAT so the pubnlic pick up the tab instead. The guy who runs the states is also in charge of the judicary – and he interfeers all the time, on the side of the establishement Anyone trying to put things right, trying to fight is threatened, abused and ‘discredited’. Tell me, if the Minister for health in the UK was reported for swearing at someone in the Commons, telling them to go slit their f**king wrists as well as other things, and then if he turned around and denied it, despite other members hearing him, then went on national radio and admitted what he’d done, but said that he hadn’t used those words, would he still be in office? This is the same guy who thinks people who use blogs etc to critiscise the establishement are ‘mentally subnormal’ – this, and the slitting wrists comment, from the Minister for Health. People are trying to fight, but they control the three main media outlets – bbc radio, the local itv franchise and the only local paper. Its like getting tortoises to stampede. I spoke to my aunt who must be close on 80 and she told me that Jersey is a terrible, horrible place to be now. One day there WILL be a public rising – and jersey doesn’t have the ability to stop one. But that day, alas, is far in the future. A couple of fighters are taking Jack Straw, so called, laughingly, ‘Justice’ Minister to court tomorrow. This is to force a judicial review and get him to intervene and put justice back in Jersey. The precedent is well established, but he’s burying his head in the sand. One wonders how many MP’s have ‘interests’ in the island’s finance sector? Have a laugh..I’ll pop a link up to a channel 4 interview with the so called ‘Chief Minister’ of jersey – you’ll note its abortive at first – you’ll need to go about 3 minutes in to get to the juicy stuff. And yes, he act5ually DOES sound like that. A proper Jersey accent obviosuly somehow speeded up and electronically treated before it leaves his mouth. whats it they used to sing…? ‘Stop children, whats that sound, everbody look whats going down….’ How very apt.

youi’ll get a viral player – fear not….

Hamster twittering…

A couple more things – firstly, don’t think everyone in jersey is rich…the majoritty of folks are quite poor and being trampled on. And if you want to know more about things, from a Senator in the states who’s trying his damndest to fight, then go to this blog

Clickey here for Syvret

yeah, he’s a little…hmm….fierce at times, a little free with what he says, but if Id been through what they’ve put him through, and if I knew what they’re doing to abuse vistems, well…Id be walking into the states chamber with a rifle, to be honest….figure of speach, but it shows how angry I am.


Of Pootle and Pleurisy….

Odd title, I know, and the Pootle part doesn’t reference the Flumps….

My friend, lets call her Bert, has always had more cats then me – when I first met her she had 13, but time takes its toll. However in the past two years shes been clobbered. Five of her cats have died. The last one died this week just gone, and it was very sudden and shocking.

However, before I do the sad bit, a little about that cat, Pootle. he was a gorgeous tabby cat and quite mad in the heeeed. A bit like my Poppy, his mood could switch suddenly and he had a meow like a deflating bagpipe. Bert didn’t get him – he walked in through her kitchen window one day and never left.

Bert doted on him – it’s a sort of unspoken convention that one doesn’t play favourites, there was no doubt who had completly capturted her heart. He brought her such joy, happyness and sillyness – and someone to spoil after her son left home.

Thats why what happened last Tuesday has hit the poor woman so hard – she’s utterly devastated – and I must admit to being somewhat rocked by it. Everything was fine n dandy. Pootle is on his cat climbing frame having just demanded a small amount of warm milk. Bert pops to the front door to look for something and I  hear a thud. I didn’t conect, to be honest – just a cat jumping down….but then I saw Pootle….his back end was paralysed. Obviously a stroke. At 11.

Now, I had something similar happen to one of my cats, Charlie. However, he was very ill anyway and also somewhat old. But I knew exactly what had happened to Pootle. I had to tell Bert that Pootle had suddenly become very ill. The poor woman was shaken to the core, almost had a panic attack, tears all over the place. naturally we had to take him to the vet and unfortunetly there really wasn’t a choice to be made. He’d come to the end of the road.

In the past Bert has not been able to stay with her cats when they are being put to sleep. It’s been down to either her son, or in recent times, me to stay with them. Not fun, to be honest. But this time, bless her, she managed to stay the course. I was so proud of her because take it from one who knows, its probably one of the most difficult and stressfull things someone could do.

But Pootle gave her such joy, such pleasure. Something to focus on. I, myself, adored him because he just had so much charecter. But 5 cats in less then two years….that and other vet visits due to illness. The poor woman has been clobbered and it simply isn’t fair. My heart breaks for her, to be honest and I just wish there was some way I could make it better for her.

Anyway, enough gloomyness, have some results, people.

As those who have bothered to read through this blog will know, I recently went in for a lung biopsy. Well the results are in – and they’re somewhat, er..well….yes…..

Theres a couple of things wrong avec my lungs. One is, wait for it, Pleurisy

I must admit I thought that was one of those things that died out in the fifties along with Matrons that looked like Hattie Jaques and convelescance homes at Brighton. They only realised I had it when they sliced me open and I fountained – oh for a video: instant YouTube hit, lol. The other stuff is linked to the auto immune problems – my lungs are inflamed as are the blood thingies – don’t quite follow if Im honest, but seems I have arthritis of the lungs along with everywhere else. On top of that I have neurological problems  cos the pins n needles/numbness in my legs and feet has been confirmed by a sadist with an electrical gadget that sends lots of shocks through you. That and the fact one of my toes has decided to stop working.

So, Im now classed as disabled.


Bloody wonderful.

To say Im a little pissed off about that is….a moderate sentance. I know, I know, no point in getting annoyed, Ive just got to live with it and hope the medication eventually sorts it all out.

But I want my life back – it was just starting to finally get back on track. I’m sick of being sick.

So, that was cheerful, wasn’t it everyone?

I said ‘wasn’t it, everyone?’.




The Deadly Mr Fluffy…

Sorry, but couldn’t resist this, especially after the day Ive had…

The Deadly Mr Fluffy

The Deadly Mr Fluffy


Christopher H Bidmead – The Truth….

With apologies to Jeffrey Archer – The Truth…

So anyway, I seem to remember that we were running rather low on blog entries, however we did have one blog entry that may have worked, but it would need a polish from an experienced script editor. Tony  obviously needed reigning in as he’d got far too silly, so I spoke to John who naturally agreed with me, and Barry pointed out that I was quite right in making the blog more serious and I was obviously the right man to do it.

The entry was about the E-Space Trilogy – one of my more succesful projects, like everything I worked on – and trying to get Tony to stick to what I’d written as him was proving very difficult. So I spoke to John who agreed that we needed to get Tony singing from the same songsheet. Barry said that there was probably a songsheet left over from his time on the show – something to do with lullabys and Venus – so we got hold of that and I adapted it and made sure that Tony stuck to it.

The first E-Space story that the public were permitted to see was ‘Full Circle’. This was originally a piece of fan fiction from the Strathclyde Police Force about Inspector Barlow, but I checked with John and he agreed that I should rewrite it to include men in rubber suits.  The spiders, naturally, were my idea. Barry said they probably had some spiders left over from the incident of Pertweecide that had happened at the end of his time on the show. I wasn’t happy with them, so I spoke to John and he agreed we needed more and better spiders. I somehow don’t think that Lalla Ward, who obviously didn’t understand Doctor Who whatsoever, appreciated being covered in these small, toylike things. However, I explained it to her and naturally she agreed with me.

The filming was interesting in that I basically had to take over from Peter Grimwade when he decided to make the show far more interesting and colourful then was originally planned. I spent a whole night going through the woods cleaning paint off the leaves of the bushes and trees. Luckily I’d spoken to John about this, and he agreed that more colour and atmosphere simply wasn’t what he wanted for his version of Doctor Who. The same problem happened with Adric. Originally the part was going to be played by an older actor, Anthony Andrews. However, I didn’t think he was right for the role so I spoke to John who agreed with me and I suggested Mathew Waterhouse, who I’d seen do a convincing ‘Want sugar with that?’ in the BBC canteen. John agreed with me and Barry remembered a scene from his time on the show that could be adapted for someone of Mathew’s obvious talents, involving a Bunsen burner and a jar of cocoa.

As it was, ‘Full Circle’ came out far more interesting and colourful then I wanted – this was supposed to be a serious show about science. So I spoke to John and he agreed with me, however, the director, Peter Grimwade was annoyingly stubborn about how he had’ done a great job with an excellent cast and crew – even the music fitted the show.’ so we ended up having to compromise and leave all the serious science about endless procedure – part of my ongoing plot arc for the series in the show and Grimwade’s vicious attack by the Marshmen on the Starliner (great name – one of mine, of course) was put on the cutting room floor. Including the bit where a Marshman was trapped in a door thanks to some magic jiggery pokery by the Doctor. Thankfully that sort of thing wouldn’t happen again – unless they agreed that a ship was powered by an anti matter containment vessel and without me on board the show the following year, there’s no way they could have thought of that.

State of Decay was problematical. Someone as comparativly inexperienced – compared to me – as Terrance Dicks shouldn’t have been employed. In fact, I said this to John and he agreed with me, however, the BBC wanted a vampire story to counterbalance the silly drama they’d made several years previously and Dicks’ script was, you know, the only one that was, you know, in the ‘Cupboard of Scripts we Can Use’. So I spoke to John and Barry, who had worked for a short time with Terrance, agreed that as long as we kept a close eye on Terrance’s annoying tendancies to write a thumping good story, we may be able to salvage something. In fact, Barry told me in complete confidence that I was a far better script editor then Terrance had ever been and if we needed it, there was probably something of Terrance’s moustache left in the visual effects departement. This would eventually prove useful.

Unfortunetly, the director, Peter Moffat, looked at the rewrrite of Dicks’ far too exciting script that I’d performed and complained to John. Whilst John agreed with me, naturally, it was far too late in the day to rewrite again, so we had to revert to Dicks’ original, far too exciting script. Actually, Barry said there was probably some ‘Day’ left over from his time on the show – an episode cut from the 1972 series, I believe. Unfortunetly, it included those magical devices, the Daleks and there was no way I would allow that sort of thing to extend the amount of time I had to rewrite Dicks’ script. So in the end, State of Decay ended up not as nearly scientific as I’d have prefered – I spoke to John about this and he agreed, naturally, that I was right – all that wonderful stuff I’d written about ‘The Wasting’ ending up as nothing but Dicks’ loo role. Barry suggested that there might be some loo role left over from his time on the show… One of the interesting things about this dvd release is that the production notes make a point of singling out the beards for special attention. Naturally, I checked with Steve and he agreed that, as I have a beard, I should rewrite Nick Peggs text about beards  removing any reference to the use of old Terrance Dicks’ 70’s mustaches. Unfortunetly, I may have accidently made the text more ammusing then was nessecary.

Again, despite my best efforts – and John and Barry agreed that my efforts were the best – State of Decay came out being incredibly moody and atmospheric. At the expense of cold, hard science.

Luckily, the next story, I was able to completly rewrite, as I had done with the previous stories of the series. Warriors’ Gate was a fascinating story about the I-Ching – slightly fantastical but I suppose usefull as a model of the universe and it gave me a chance to rid the show of that magical device, Harry K-9, who simply hadn’t got on board with my version of the show and kept breaking down at the least convienient moments. A simply beautiful story – after I’d done a quick polish, (young Steve Gallagher can’t take any credit, I wonder whatever became of him…?),  directorPaul Joyce, a man who agreed with me about everything made the science in the show front and center.

Except he rather didn’t as he was more interested in making a visual masterpiece. So I spoke to John and Barry agreed that we should sack him. Which lasted half an hour. No one seemed able to direct the story how I required it and as we only had Joyce’s shooting script and I simply didn’t have time to rewrite it yet again – I was busy on Logopolis by then – Joyce had to be re-employed.

This resulted with an incredibly interesting, atmospheric and clever show which I simply hadn’t planned. I spoke to John and he agreed that we really shouldn’t show it. As it was, we only managed a two week break between State of Decay and Warriors’ Gate being transmitted.

This box set is very interesting mainly due to me being front and center telling the story of how it really happened. I didn’t like the idea of a box set, so I spoke to Steve and Barry agreed with me, however, 2Entertain overuled us saying that it made something called ‘perfect retail sense’. This resulted in a box set that is far too atmospheric and interesting then should be allowed.

So I spoke to John and Barry said there was some interest left over from his time on the show…