Jersey – Corrupt Cesspit

I posted this in response to a forum post about things not being too good in the Uk nowadays…

If your interested in seeing what the UK could become like, then look no further then the island of Jersey. It’s a micro model of the future. Corrupt establishement sweeping anything that may damage them or the island’s reputation under the carpet – being helped by the uk to do so. Ridiculous descisions made by the establishment about finance, waste disposal, housing, health. The Haute de la Garrenne abuse probe is being quietly buried, despite at least 100 people (Im not including the 60 or so wankers who decided it would be funny to fake report) giving the same stories. The Establishement waited until the guy who was on top of the whole thing retired, then got in someone who is well know for whitewashing in police cases. They then suspended the police chief – quite illegally. Then theres the deaths at the hospital – people were warned that it couild happen, but no one took any notice. Tax? Well, the people in charge are mostley millionaires or multi millionaires. They decided that people with a large income need not pay tax and they’d introduce a form of VAT so the pubnlic pick up the tab instead. The guy who runs the states is also in charge of the judicary – and he interfeers all the time, on the side of the establishement Anyone trying to put things right, trying to fight is threatened, abused and ‘discredited’. Tell me, if the Minister for health in the UK was reported for swearing at someone in the Commons, telling them to go slit their f**king wrists as well as other things, and then if he turned around and denied it, despite other members hearing him, then went on national radio and admitted what he’d done, but said that he hadn’t used those words, would he still be in office? This is the same guy who thinks people who use blogs etc to critiscise the establishement are ‘mentally subnormal’ – this, and the slitting wrists comment, from the Minister for Health. People are trying to fight, but they control the three main media outlets – bbc radio, the local itv franchise and the only local paper. Its like getting tortoises to stampede. I spoke to my aunt who must be close on 80 and she told me that Jersey is a terrible, horrible place to be now. One day there WILL be a public rising – and jersey doesn’t have the ability to stop one. But that day, alas, is far in the future. A couple of fighters are taking Jack Straw, so called, laughingly, ‘Justice’ Minister to court tomorrow. This is to force a judicial review and get him to intervene and put justice back in Jersey. The precedent is well established, but he’s burying his head in the sand. One wonders how many MP’s have ‘interests’ in the island’s finance sector? Have a laugh..I’ll pop a link up to a channel 4 interview with the so called ‘Chief Minister’ of jersey – you’ll note its abortive at first – you’ll need to go about 3 minutes in to get to the juicy stuff. And yes, he act5ually DOES sound like that. A proper Jersey accent obviosuly somehow speeded up and electronically treated before it leaves his mouth. whats it they used to sing…? ‘Stop children, whats that sound, everbody look whats going down….’ How very apt.

youi’ll get a viral player – fear not….

Hamster twittering…

A couple more things – firstly, don’t think everyone in jersey is rich…the majoritty of folks are quite poor and being trampled on. And if you want to know more about things, from a Senator in the states who’s trying his damndest to fight, then go to this blog

Clickey here for Syvret

yeah, he’s a little…hmm….fierce at times, a little free with what he says, but if Id been through what they’ve put him through, and if I knew what they’re doing to abuse vistems, well…Id be walking into the states chamber with a rifle, to be honest….figure of speach, but it shows how angry I am.

3 Responses to “Jersey – Corrupt Cesspit”

  1. March 21, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Well done Tony,

    I have done similar with an article that goes world-wide too (The link is on my blog now.)

    This is just soo sick! I find is hard to believe that the media in Jersey can be party to cover ups of this magnitude it is truly disturbing , as for the British Government not stepping in to stop what is going on here, well it is all virtually beyond belief! Please do go and leave a comment on my article, much appreciated XXX Linda

  2. 2 macfadyan
    March 21, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Thanks, Linda – more to come, fear not. The Dr Who folks will have to be patient, but they need not worry, I have stuff and things to say about that too.

    Now, Im thick and can’t seem to find the article you mentioned – probably someone using that old jedi mind trick – ‘This isn;t the article your looking for’, lol. Any chance you could pop a direct link to it here, pretty please? 🙂

  3. 3 macfadyan
    March 21, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    aha….a different blog addy! Curse you and your cunning having more then one blog thingy!, LOL

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