So, that health minister then…

Want to know what the guy in charge – well, nominally – of Jersey thinks of the disgraceful conduct of his health minister?  The following is from the Jersey Evening Post website – word of warning, the JEP is a mouthpiece for the establishement there…but occasionally it does have no choice but to be critical…

NO action will be taken against the Health Minister for swearing at another States Member and telling him to kill himself, according to the Chief Minister.

Over 300 comments on our website have called for Senator Jim Perchard to resign over the incident. However, Senator Terry Le Sueur says that the matter is now closed.

Many JEP readers have expressed disgust that Senator Jim Perchard (pictured)admitted swearing at Senator Stuart Syvret in the States last week.

And the majority of comments posted on www.thisisjersey.com have called for Senator Perchard to resign after the JEP revealed that he told Senator Syvret to ‘slit his wrists’ after a press conference late last year.

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