Stuart Syvret Has Left The Library… Stuart Syvret Has Been Saved…

Well, we knew it was going to happen and it did. Senator Stuart Syvret, leading opponent of the corrupt Jersey establishment, was this morning arrested by States of Jersey police. They turned up mob handed – 8 officers, 4 cars, took him away and proceeded to ransack his home.

Without a search warrent.

He was kept locked up for 7 hours, with only a 2 hour interview – during which he made no comment – to break the monotony. He has been released without charge. The raid was to do with an alledged breach of the Data Protection Act. You may read the alledged breach here, on this blog…and on many, many others… The entire excersise was very obviously designed to intimidate not just Syvret, but all the bloggers and internet ‘Citizen Media’ people.

It won’t work.

Linda Corby has already said that she isn’t intimidated in the slightest by this unwarrented – pun intentional – act of aggression taken by an out of control, corrupt government.

This is a government that is covering up at least 100 cases of child abuse.

Refusing to investigate the alledged murder of hospital patients. Performing a whitewash of hospital procedures in such a way that no one can actually be found to be at fault.

Refusing to sack the Health Minister after he twice told Syvret to kill himself and then lied about it in the Assembly – then lied about lying, again in the Assembly.

I could go on and on….

Enough HAS to be enough. Surely now the time has come to physically remove these bloated, fetid people from any form of public office. Investigate them. Throw them off the island. Put them in prison.


Oh, and for those worried that Syvret’s blog may vanish…well, its easily replaced……

Hurts the hand, saving all that info…copy/pasting so many entries can give you rsi….


1 Response to “Stuart Syvret Has Left The Library… Stuart Syvret Has Been Saved…”

  1. 1 Richard
    May 5, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    You know what realy makes me laugh is all the talk by the States about democracy, Human Rights, ect.
    If you look close at the wording, you will see that it is Human Rights (jersey) Law and not full European so leaves room for adjustment to suit the occasion.
    P.A.C.E (Jersey Law) so that they can do things like they did to Stuart Syvret which would not happen in the real world.
    And as for Democracy thats the biggest joke yet. “You will do what you are told, when you are told to do it”. 19000 signatures against GST means NOTHING in a Jersey democracy!
    What we need is a militrary coup. I wonder if the TA are willing to carry this out?
    But seriously the Chief fascist and his band of nodding dog hangers on will no doubt be parading around on liberation day to remine us that we are better off with English speaking fascists rather than German ones….

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