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The Five Tonys…..

So, today marks the 20th aniversary of me leaving Jersey and moving to the UK

Odd feeling, to be honest. As much as I detest what Jersey has become, I do miss the old place something terrible. Or am I just missing the nostalgia? I mean, I occasionally watch Bergerac just to see the place. Of course, it’s nothing like it was – its changed a hell of a lot since I was last there.

I originally moved over to Manchester. It was blazing sunshine in Jersey, so I wore a tshirt and very light jacket….when we arrived in manchester it was snowing. Typical, lol. Since then work has moved me further south, firstly Milton Keynes, Flitwick, Bound’s Green (where M. Khan is still, so Im told, bent), Pimlico… Then to Crawley. I’ve made truly wonderful friends and learnt the value of friendship. Ive run around caves hitting people with make believe swords. Ive got very drunk. I’ve got very drunk lots of times, now I think about it. I’ve worked as security, a driver, a door to door sales blokey, a call center chappy. I’ve loved…maybe not wisely in some cases, but well. And I have cats.

In short, life.

Hmm….not bad, I suppose. Oh, in case your wondering about the title..well…I recently found out on Friendface, that there is more the one Tony Gallichan!!!! I was mortified and needed a nice cup of tea! In fact theres a Gallichan group! Its a bit dave Gorman-y if you think about it too long, but hey, we get to laugh at people who can’t pronounce our name, lol.

And now, apologies, but this has to be done – its The Law….


One day I shall come back, yes, I shall come back. Until then there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine…

(and cue grams…)