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A Big Finish…

Viewers may be interested to know that I’m going to be starting to review Big Finish audio plays. Since I’m not on the WhoCast I’ve somewhat fallen behind with reviews of their output, which is a shame as they’re always enjoyable, even if occasionally they do get it not quite right.

So, shortly, and when I’ve had time to actually listen to ’em, I’ll be playing catch up and reviewing the UNIT series, Dalek Empire: The Fearless, Orbis and A Storm of Angels. If you already have these, then dust ’em off and have a listen again and see if you agree or disagree with my ramblings. I admit the reviews won’t be as good as in audio as I do work better with someone to bounce off – Im no writer, really, lol. But whatever you think of ’em, please do comment on the relevent blog entry, think about what your gonna type and lets get some healthy debate going. If you don’t already have ’em, well..either wait to see what folks think, or jump into the deep end and get em. Remember, Big Finish have a download service which is very good.

Ok… I go now to do listening…..


Planet Of The… Er… Dull…

Ok, I admit it. My Fan Gene won out and yes, I feel cruddy for it.

Not just cruddy for being unable to stick by my principles, but also…dear Bod….Is THAT why I sold out?

Was it actually worth it?


Very much NO.

Planet of the Dead starts off just fine…nice lil theft, mad doc dave popping on a bus – with a carefully placed Easter Egg to remind folks of when this is broadcast – cos face facts, with easter being a floating event we’ll never be too sure…obviously someone in Pope Arsehole’s dept can’t be bothered to actually find out when one guy was nailed to a tree… Yeah, I know, it’s based around the lunar cycle…makes complete nonsense of organised religion which is, face facts, complete nonsense. Oh, I have my beliefs, I just hate them to be organised…

Ahem..I digress..

The lil iddy biddy bus goes through the tunnel and piff paff poof, suddenly we’re in Dubai.

What a waste of money. Dear Bod, how the hell can they justify it. Seriously..a few nice pics and thats it. Sorry, but I reckon it’s almost a criminal waste of money. They should be bloody ashamed. In fact, get RTD to repay the money out of his salery. Im not a RTD knocker – yes he has his faults, but then so does anyone and I certainly couldn’t write stuff like he does… but really..this was one extravagance too far.

Anyway. The bus passengers are…well…non-entities, really. Just there…well…um…look, there was a nice lady who’s only function was to warn Proper Dave that naughty type things will be happening a little later in the year, so don’t forget to tune in. The only other possible function for the passengers was as a reflection of ‘Midnight’. This time there’s faith in Proper Dave and he succeeds without any sacrifices and being clever helps him rather then turns em against him. Anyway, why bother with Ugly People on the bus when you have Lady Posh Totty to flirt with and spend 45 minutes congratulating each other on how good you both are? All Proper Dave seems to do in this story is ask himself what something is and then give chunks of exposition. Thats in between the flirting, of course. I don’t mind a sexual Doc…but the story must come first.

So..well..the Dubai stuff and the story around it are a complete waste of time. Dull, dull, dull. Other charecters forgotton about, a Doc thats just there to tell folks whats happening and not really anything else…sorry Gareth, it just didn’t work.

Except for one superb addition to the mythos.


And his Bernards.

Oh, what a joy that charecter was. How utterly wonderfully played by Lee Evans. We badly need to see more of Malcolm, d’ya hear me MN Vast Toffee??? Truly a spiritual descendant of Sgt Osgood. Mind you, this and Torchwood have now shown that UNIT, (Thats the UNITED NATIONS Intelligence Taskforce!!), is a very…hmm, hard edged organisation. This is understandable, but it doesn’t sit well with our cosy Lethbridge-Stewart days. I don’t see Brigadier Courtney pulling a gun on his own science advisor just cos he wants to wait a sec. Pulling a gun, yes..but Great Uncle Alistair always had a modicum of sense. Even in the Three Doctors!

So, all in all, forgettable. Bar Malcolm and the fact that all that money was wasted.

Damn shame.