Just A Quickie…

Review of the Radiophonic Workshop at the Roundhouse to come – just trying to sort the vid out. In the mean time, we should be recording the pilot episode of the new podcast this Sunday. In it, as is The Law, we are obliged to take a look at the Five Doctors – look, its best we get it out of the way first. We’ll also be trying to sort out Ashes to Ashes.

So if you have any views on either, please feel free to reply to this post using the comment thingy. There’ll soon be a proper email addy etc, but for now, this will have to do, lol.

1 Response to “Just A Quickie…”

  1. 1 lizaanne
    May 22, 2009 at 2:30 am

    Hi, Folks–
    The “Five Doctors” gets a bad rap for its patchwork plot and rude-sounding sound effects; however, it does invent a very cool robot assassain in the Raston. He could easily turn up again. I think those effects still hold up even today. Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. Poor Peter Davidson, though. He really does suffer in this episode. I don’t remember Jon Pertwee in the “Three Doctors,” collapsing as his alternate selves were removed from the time stream. Is it simply because the 5th doctor has more pieces of himself to lose? Hmmm.
    I laugh heartily every time I watch poor Sarah tumble down the “slope of moderate inconvenience.” Pertwee tries so hard to rescue her, trying to be gallant, when she should just have picked herself up and dusted herself off– perhaps, she is pretending to be in danger in order to allow him to save her and be the hero? She is a clever girl, after all.

    Good luck on the new podcast. I’m looking forward to many more to come.

    — Lizaanne

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