Of Podcasts And Other Waffle…

Been a funny old week. After the Radiophonic Workshop gig – more of which in a moment – I think my body decided that enough was enough, BOB kicked in and suddenly I was somewhat ill again. Annoying, to be honest. So, have to wait and see if things ease off.

As for the Radiophonic gig, well, it certainly surpassed expectations. Jo! and I met at Victoria and also met young Alistair Lock. We popped up to Camden and slipped into the Enterprise pub where Alistair decided to spray the entire population of London with vinegar. Oh, the joy of the accidental, over-enthusiastic spray top. Still, made his cranberry juice more like pretend wine After that we went to the Roundhouse where they had a fascinating Delia Derbyshire installation, showcasing some of her work along with images of her notes – all stuff from her archive thats now been donated to a university. Popping into the bar we noticed this bizarre, mechanical musical orchestra thingy. Programmed by computer, it was several pieces that had small hammers that struck pads and performed pieces…very apt, considering the gig we were there to see.

I don’t want to go into too much detail here about the actual gig because Jo! and I discuss it on, wait for it…

The first Flashing Blade podcast!!

Yes, its recorded!! Celebrate! Run wild in the streets! Have a nice cup of tea! And a biscuit!

Within, once it’s eventually released – more on that in a minute – you will discover Jo! and I waffling about the Radiophonic thingy, our completly incorrect ideas about Ashes To Ashes and, oh dear, the Five Doctors.

Once it’s edited down I then need to look into a website and hosting etc, something I’ve never had to bother with before. Then there’s website design. What the Bod is that??? And graphics? What in the hells that? Talking, editing, doing clever sound stuff? Fine, not a problem. But all that nonsense? Oooh dear.

I’ll be plopping a vid taken on my tefelone camera thingy, from the radiophonic thingy here as soon as I can work out how to split it into two so YouTube will allow it. The sound ain’t brilliant, alas, but thems the breaks.

Oh, and I’m going to be recording the new Mr. Dalek story by Benjamin F Elliot. So, at least you have that to look forward to, LOL.

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