Occupational Therapy and Lies…

Those who know me know that I have several charecter traits that, well, trying to put aside false modesty etc, are quite good. I’m fiercely loyal to friends and incredibly defensive of them. I have a ‘thing’ about injustice and fairness that, to be honest, has got me into a few scrapes over the years. Anyway, my blood pressure is currently at danger levels. Why? Because of a lazy delivery driver and his ever so loyal, blank faced drones of office back-up.

A couple of weeks ago I was assesed for my disability needs. Now, I don’t need much – they offered more and I turned it down. What I DO need, however, is some way of actually immersing myself in my bath. I currently have what they call a ‘bath board’. This is usefull, but it does mean sitting slightly pecariously over the bath – nice mental image for you there, lol – and doing ones best to wash.

So, at this assesement, I was surprised to be offered a bath chair lift thingy – called the ‘Aqua Joy’ – a name that made Jo! choke on her peppermint tea and ask if I had inadvertantly wondered into Ann Summers by mistake. (Actually, talking of Ann Summers, I note they’ve put a couple of kiddie rides right in front of the local store…how wonderfully ignorant..still, thats Crawley for you). Basically, this thing lets me sit on it, then lowers down into the bath so I can be immersed in yummy, lovely, warm water. Then I can slowley, Thora Hird style, rise up out of the depths pretending to be the Great Kroll!

Or something.

They also said I needed some blocks for my sofa to rest on so I can get up out of it more easily without too much effort and also an incrdibly clever thingy that looks like a lead for an invisible dog. It basically slips around the foot and allows you to lift your leg out of the bath – usefull when ones legs are…wonky. Someone, probably a boffin witha beard, in a shed, used their brain to come up with that one…great idea.

So, I was told that they’d call me to arrange delivery.

Today, at one, I hear a slight slithering noise. I get to the front door to see a card in the letter box saying that they’d tried to deliver my stuff but I wasn’t in. Well, apart from the fact they hadn’t told me he was coming, he also hadn’t even bothered to knock. Just popped the card in and away he went. It’s Friday so I expect he wanted a nice, sunny, early afternoon.

So, I phoned up the number on the card. I was told they couldn’t get a reply from the driver. I tried again a little later. Still no joy. I tried again, later still. I got told that the driver had said he had knocked loudly, waited, gne back to the van, got the card and then left.

He had NOT knocked. If he had I would have answered. I mean, if I can hear a card gently being slid into the letterbox, then Im sure I could have heard a knocking, surely? So, I was getting nowhere with the bod on the end of the phone…I asked to speak to his supervisor. A supervisor who’s job it was to imply that I was lying and that her driver of many good years standing, would never do such a thing. Now, I know things. I’ve been around, as I’m sure have a lot of people. I know that delivery drivers have nice little ways of getting the job done early if necessary, especially on a nice, warm summer’s day. What better way to save time then to say that a customer wasn’t in and therefore save at least half an hour? Then switch your phone off so no one can get hold of you for a while.

But what really, REALLY makes me ANGRY is the fact that the supervisor basically said I was lying. Oh, the actual words weren’t there..she reckoned that she knew the driver wouldn’t lie, but she wasn’t saying I was lying either….the implication was very obvious. And yes, I’m putting in a complaint. A big one. I want an apology from both the supervisor and the driver. I tend not to stop on things like this….

Talking of things, I mailed our local MP, Laura Moffat with regard to the Early Day Motion I asked people to support. I let her know what it was about, sent a copy of the actual motion, was very respectful, polite, included my name and address.

Apart from an automated reply, I have heard nothing. Nor has she signed the motion. Guess who else is about to feel my wrath? It’s amazing what a bit of bad publicity can do for an MP’s descision making process…. Or rather, MORE bad publicity…

And as for the podcast, it’s in edit stage at the moment…and seems to be just fine..nothing too in depth, but it’s a first shot with a new team etc. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it once it’s released… 🙂


4 Responses to “Occupational Therapy and Lies…”

  1. 1 lizaanne
    May 29, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    I had a mailman who used to do that. I had scary stairs (basically held together with duct tape) at my old apartment building, and he didn’t like to go up them in order to deliver packages, so he would leave note that I wasn’t there– when I patently was.

  2. 2 Mike C
    May 31, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    Hi Tony – looking forward to the new podcast. Don’t get angry – get even!

  3. 3 macfadyan
    May 31, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    I prefer to get odd…. 😛 Oh, alright, odder.

    Shouldn’t be too long now re: the podcast..just got some simple housekeeping to do etc…

  4. 4 wyn
    June 4, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Had no response from my useless lump of an MP either – not even an acknowledgment.
    If I had any faith in the electoral process, he would be out. Lifelong labour voter voting elsewhere next GE. Mind you, old habits die hard, and old grievances die harder (I’m a valley boy – the miners strike and subsequent destruction of valleys communities during my formative years tends to leave a mark), so it’ll have to be anyone but Tory. Might give the libdems a go. Anything else would be a wasted vote.

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