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Ooh Look, Rocks!

So, more stuff and things, then…

Been a funny old time, to be honest. Had the second Ultravox gig, this time at the Roundhouse up in That London. It was good, but the amount of people that were talking, dear Bod! During the quiet songs all you could hear was the low level babble of idiots. As opposed to the high level wailing of me, singing, lol. The gig was filmed for a dvd release at some stage – hopefully the whole thing, eh? Eh?

And as for the ‘Exocist’ moment……

Still looking to the Richmond Fellowship for work…thing is I’m going to need a car. I’ve had to contact the DSS to tell them that things have somewhat changed for me, what with BOB an’ all.. So there is a slight, very slight, not really going to happen chance that my money may go up for mobility. If it does it’ll mean I’ll be eligable for the Motorbility scheme wherein I can use my benefit to lease a car, taxed, insured etc. Now, this’ll be good in general for shops, gp, hostipal apps etc.. But moreso then that, I’ll be able to apply for jobs at the RF. Which will mean being able to come off some benefit… Hopefully, anyway. Also I’ll be able to take up my mentoring again for MIND, something else that went out the window when BOB struck. I have to give a lil talk to new mentors this Wednesday. That’s going to be fun – just hope I’m not having one of my panicky days.

Hmm, what else? Well, Poppy, my barking mad moggie isn’t too well, alas. Not sure whats wrong with her. She needs blood tests and I simply don’t have the money to do it at the moment. I did find out that instead of being one year old, she is actually more like eight. Because of this money thing, going to That London sort of wiped me out, I may not be in a position to go to the Radiophonic Workshop thingy at the Roundhouse on May 17th. I’ll be spitting if I can’t. However, I need to save money for Poppy.

Saying that, before I knew she was ill – I thought it was worms, originally – I’ve sort of upgraded. I needed a new mobile electric telephone thing. Those in the know will appreciate that I’ve never really been able to work the last phone I had – curtesy of Real Keith from Staggering Stories. After being refused credit at Vodaphone, I stuck my nose into Carphone Warehouse – and they cleared me for two contracts, the mad fools! So I got a cheap LG Cookie tefelone on a 15 quid a month contract…..

But then…

Well, they had an offer, you see? For mobile broadband. And why, it came with a free laptop! How very nice of them! A Toshiba P300.  And I’m currently typing this blog up on it! Whoot! Admitedly, makes money a little tight now cos of Poppy, but I’ll manage somehow. It’s duel core just over 2 gig thingy..not sure if it makes it faster then my 2800 single core thingy desktop…and whilst I thought it was just one gig of ram, apparently, according to the properties thingy, its 2 gig…go figure. Oh, and its Vista. Not too sure about the graphics capabilities, however…May have to look into seeing if it’s possible to upgrade that – somehow I doubt it.

I’m actually quite pleased with myself… You see, I managed to sort out the wireless thingy, getting it into the router – though I’d forgotton the password, lol – exporting mail and bookmarks from the desktop etc, all without help! Oh Bod – I’m becoming my own Chief Scientist!

I’m rather scared now….