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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-4

From the Vislor Turlough Jokebook (Penguin, 1984).

‘Big, isn’t it?’

Yup, this time around we, er, well, we had an oopsies moment and over ran. So have an extra long, squidgy, yummy Flashing Blade Podcast.

This time around Jo! and Tony look at the Big Finish play ‘Wirrn Dawn’ and also the Ecclestone story ‘The Unquiet Dead’.

We also launch our first competition – ‘1001 Uses for a Nick Briggs’. This is our response to Big Finish’s far-too-overloaded release schedule.

It’s either that or we start a national cull….

Lots of feedback and nonsense as usual, and next time around we look at the BF play ‘Scapegoat’ and, because we have to talk about it at some stage, ‘Genesis of the Daleks.’.

All thoughts on those two and any feedback, be it mail or mp3 to



Ooh look, rocks!

Ooh look, rocks!


Of Podcasting and Other Stuff. And Things.

Well, I thought I’d give a sort of an updatey, how it came to happen sort of a post thingy. Plus give those who don’t know how its done an idea…Simples, really, to be honest.

So, Jo! and I met in hostipal where we had a ‘Who can have the most lung removed’ competition. She cheated by using both lungs. However, the medics declared her the winner. My appeal is still pending. Now, as those who have read the  2 scary ladies post earlier on this blog will know, Jo! and I rather hit it off. I was planning to set up my own podcast after the debacle of the WhoCast, but I wanted to get this blog going first and, of course, I needed to work out how the tech side of things was done. I may be ok with editing and music etc – well, only just, lets be honest here – but when it comes to computers, especially actually doing anything on the net, I’m a complete ignoramus. Always wanted to use that word. Heh.

So, looked into it, spoke to Adam off Staggering Stories and eventually decided that the best way of doing things was to use Libsyn. Its a good system. It tends to do nearly everything for you – you get a blog, an RSS Feed etc. Damn good system. You do have to register with iTUnes and other podcast directories yourself, however Also, it doesn’t charge by the amount thats downloaded, but by how much space you want to use per month. Very useful if a podcast really takes off in the way that Staggering Stories has now I’ve left, rofl!

I also needed to register a domain name. So I googled a little and went to 1&1 Internet. Managed to get as well as a mail account giving me up to five email addies with the suffix Very usefull again. But what turned out to be even better was that 1&1 have a website building tool. Very simple to use, and it won’t give you something with all the bells and whistles on, but as a hub for the show it’s just right. I can put up the links to this blog, the show’s iTunes page etc, the shows email addy, links to other poidcasts and sites, etc etc. So, once Id got the bits n pieces, the actual assembly of the infrastructure was surprisingly easy. I did spend an evening around my Chief Scientist’s just to be on the safe side, but it was simples enough.

After that it was just a case of recording the show. Now, Jo! already was thinking of putting together her own, non-Doctor Who podcast…probably something about James May, or somesuch girly nonsense 😛 So she already had a copy of Audacity. This is an editing tool, and quite a good one. Useful as it meant she could record her part of the podcast and then upload it to some storage space for me to download, put next to my own track, synch then edit. For the other stuff, the silly bits n pieces I use an old copy of Cool Edit and occasionally I pop into Audition, both nice progs, though I am more used to cool edit, tbh, so I use it for ease and comfort, LOL.

So far, so good. The chemistry is working and the angle of the show, where Jo! is able to give a fresh, untainted by DWM, fanzines, podcasts etc, look at Doctor Who, with me there to fill in any gaps as well as give my own, jaded views, LOL, seems to be working too. We’ve had some lovely feedback off people – admitedly its scattered all over the web, LOL..Makes tracking it down for recording a bit tricky – I forgot to include some today meaning I’m going to have to record an extra bit for the end of pod 4.

Someone made a nice comment on Facebook that the show has the ‘goofy fun’ of Staggering Stories but tempered with the ‘credibility’ (HAH!) of my days on the WhoCast. And to be honest, thats just what I was looking for…slipping in right between.

So I’m a happy bunny. Just so glad I have such a lovely…and patient… co-host…


Thrilling Third Issue

Ok folks, the third episode of The Flashing Blade Podcast is out and about. See if you can spot it!!!


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Featuring stuff and things about Earthshock, the Beast of Orlok and, ooh, other stuff and things….

The podcast that likes a nice cup of tea...

The podcast that likes a nice cup of tea...


Daleks! Invasion Interflora: 2009 AD!

Er. Quite.

This is one of those rambling, ‘Ooh, what shall I natter about I know everything in general and nothing in particular’ type posts. Can’t be helped. Got a few things I want to waffle about but can’t be arsed to go into too much detail, LOL.

So, firstly, had to pop to see the consultant today. Oh, how we all laughed. Seems my liver functions have REALLY gone kablooey this time. So, today I had TWO (count ’em) doctors hmm-ing, umm-ing and going ‘we just don’t know!’. So, the upshot is that I’m now to stop taking The Pills Of Doom and keep taking their daily counterparts, and also stop taking my anti inflamatories. Now, last time I stopped those, just before I went into hostipal, I discovered just how much good they were doing. This time, well, I’m still on the steroids, so hopefully I won’t  get so bad. Once again the consultant asked why I limped, completly forgetting the nerve damage etc. Does make me wonder sometimes, you know, LOL. Anyway, this morning sort of makes my visit to the gp this afternoon a bit moot, but I’d better go. They sent me a letter saying I had to arrange a phone thingy with a different doc – something I don’t do ‘cos different docs don’t know my akerchewall gp does. So, going to see him and I bet it’s about the liver tests. Hah! Plus I need a couple of perscriptions, though less now after this morning, LOL.

One very shocking developement was my weight. You see, after I lost all that weight last year due to the plurisy, I was stable for a while, then, with the sterods, went from about 15 stone 5 to 16 stone 9. Except today, when weighed at the hostipal, I’m 17 stone 10! Thats over a stone in one week. Balderdash! No way on Bod’s grey Earth! Now, either they got it wrong or…well, my blood taking, blood pressure squeezing ‘Your-a-fat-git’ nurse may have got her calculations wrong all this time…. Which will REALLY depress me, LOL.

But the bottom line is the disease is still there and will be for a Very Long Time ™. We just need to get the med balance correct. Think it’s going to be a case of ‘Look, your never going to feel 100% anymore – can’t be helped cos to get you feeling that good woulkd be Bad cos of side effects’. I think I can live with that, tbh..Make the best of a bad job. A lot of people get it a lot worse, so I consider myself lucky. Oddly.

Anyway, onto this post’s title….

There were reports in our local cat litter tray liners, of a flower shop with a Dalek in the window… so I thought I’d pop down and have a look see as I was in town anyway. Seems the thing was built for a play that didn’t happen and the chap is trying to sell it for £800. Good luck to him, thats what I say…

have pics

Aww, poor Dalek

Aww, poor Dalek

Oh, the humiliation

Oh, the humiliation

Hmm..not quite Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks, is it?

Hmm..not quite Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks, is it?

and finally, took this a few days back…cute as Bod, my lil Seb…



Yeah, I know the Dalek ones are wonky, but what ya gonna do, huh?

I’ll mumble about podcasting next time… probably..


Number 2!

Yup, the second Flashing Blade podcast is now released into the community.


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plus other places.

Normal service will be resumed here soon, once everything has calmed down, LOL…Got a thingy about a Dalek in a local florists, for eg..

Oh yeah, knew I’d forgotton something…

The Terrible Zodin fanzine is now out, free pdf download. Has stuff and things from muggins here and Jo!


The Flashing Blade Podcast is Go!!!!

Yup, up n running – at long last 🙂

The first Flashing Blade Podcast featuring Tony Gallichan and his plucky girl assistant, Jo!

This time around we look at the recent Radiophonic Workshop concert, Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who – The Five Doctors (look, it gets it out of the way early on…lol)

all feedback, including mp3’s to

rss feed:

The Flashing Blade

or listen to it from here..

The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-1

Big, isnt it?

Big, isn't it?


Review: Radiophonic Workshop at The Roundhouse, May 17th, 2009

Well, I promised this, so here we go, lol. Jo! and I have a natter about it in the first Flashing Blade podcast, but I thought I’d pop a few thoughts – and vids – here for folks.

In all fairness, I had no idea what to expect. All of the Workshop’s output was created, realised, bolted together in the Maida Vale studios. So how well would this transfer to a live stage setting? Well, not too badly. Yes, there were the odd fluffs, but it couldn’t be helped.

It started off with the start of the Generic Sci Fi Quarry, featuring a white coated Dick Mills torturing a poor, early noise making machine of some unknown name. After that, Peter Howell, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb and Mark Ayres popped onto stage – all dressed as the boffins they are, white coats flapping. Each musician had their time in the spotlight, playing some of the music for which they are possibly best known. Well, except for poor old Mark who, technically, isn’t a member of the Workshop – however, as official archivist and the guy who saved so much stuff, he should have some kind of honoury Boffin-hood bestowed upon him.

It was very nice to see that the guys covered the history of the Workshop, from Desmond Briscoe and Daphne Orme, through John Baker and Delia Derbyshire (Huge cheer there – especially for Ziwzih Zwizih oo oo oo ) Interestingly, the guys did add a little to some tracks, playing stuff either live or cued in from the now obligatory notebook. The John Baker track, New Worlds had a live jazz second verse added which led back into the radiophonic version…with a certain children’s news programme logo hitting the main screen just at the right moment. Cue cheer, LOL.

The band had a band…brass, percussion etc. This was usefull on some tracks though on others it did tend to jar with what one recalled tracks to sound like.

Other tracks included Roger Limb’s ‘Sea Trek’, Peter Howell’s Greenwhich Chrous and Paddy Kingsland’s ‘Southend Pier’ from the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Of course, Doctor Who was covered. I mean, if that how the Queen knows the Workshop, it would be a huge ommision….

So, we ended up with a new version of the Derbyshire theme, done for the show, with added Tardis noises, Im assuming as marker points. Then the Tardis demat, something from The Wheel in Space, then the joy that is The Sea Devils. A bit of the Masque of Mandragora and then the guys went ‘live’. Well, as near as dammit. The Logopolis regenration, Nyssa’s theme, a suite from the Five Doctors – including the almighty fart of Rassilon. All with suitible graphics on the screens behind them. A bit later the Howell theme was played, with the main melody statement played live, as well as the middle eight and the odd chord. Unfortunetly, due to the tech and composer’s own skill, some of it didn’t work – playing against the sycopation in Space for Man/ The Case for the Ancient Astronauts, for eg, a bit similar to the middle eight of the Howell theme.

All in all, however, it was one hell of a night. A greatest hits compiliation from one of the most underated group of people in music. I’m so badly hoping they do more…

with thanks to all those who’ve shared on YouTube – beats my camera footage hands down, lol.


Jersey Child Abuse Cover Up Almost Complete.

So, there we are, folks. The corrupt Jersey Establishment – the British equivalent of Putin’s Russia – have all but succeeded in covering up the child abuse. Yesterday the Attorney General, William Bailhache, the impartial advisor to the Balliff – thats his brother Philp Bailache – declared that the doors of the enquiry were now closed and that it would be highly unlikely that there would be any more then the 2 prosecutions. And hey, they waited till the day of the UK elections to bury the news.

Jane and Alan McGuire, to staff of the Blanch Pierre home, who treated the children in their care with contempt and have been let off. Apparently the evidence wasn’t there. When they were tried back in the nineties, they were let off because Alan had, apparently, a terminal illness – he’s still going strong in their French hideaway – and that there had been a charecter witness to say that they were a lovely couple. That witness, I am led to believe, was their son. This couple were eventually removed from their posts – only to be given a different post within the education departement. There was a fascinating, if sickening, Panorama programme about them.

There are others. One of the chiefs of education, Mario Lundy. Again, lots of accounts of abuse from him. Yet he hasn’t been suspended and arrogantly carries on. And the list continues. Abuse survivors are sicked by the actions of the Bailiff, his brother and the soon to be Balliff, Michael Birt. The whole thing is being covered up, evidence being lost by the tame cops they brought in from the UK to do their bidding.

There are ways out of this still, both for the surviviors and the establishment. The establishment need to return to the rule of law and prosecute those people who have tortured and abused children over the years. Despite what they say, the evidence is there. The survivors can protest and keep hammering on at the UK Government – whomever is in power this week. But the most likely, and the most worrying, is that people will start to take the law into their own hands. People are already looking to track down the McGuires in France. Mario Lundy isn’t safe walking the streets of Jersey. And the establishment itself needs to tred very carefully as Jersey is only a few steps away from bloodshed. People are that angry.

As for Senator Stuart Syvret, I’m going to copy/paste the latest thing that the establishment are trying to get him on, from his blog. You’ll laugh when you read it. I did, howled like a drain….

Confessions of Stuart Syvret:

Part 1.

I’m asked above, “How’d ya get on at the parish hall?”

My, my – Dan is so unwise with that flapping mouth of his; no doubt he’ll have to make another untrue denial in the States tomorrow.

But – to answer the question – absolutely brilliantly! – Couldn’t have worked out better if I’d planned it!

For my non-Jersey readers, a parish hall enquiry is a kind of pre-court, quasi-judicial process conducted by voluntary parish police officers called Centeniers.

And in the case of the parish of Grouville – the Centeniers work to our old acquaintance Dan Murphy – the parish Constable – and a politician. (How many modern democracies have politicians who are also policemen? Well, it’s certainly handy for the Jersey oligarchy – political law-enforces – to keep the opposition in-line.)

And he and they work to our other old acquaintance – Barking Bill Bailhache.

So what you have is, essentially, a Politicised police force in each of the 12 parishes, under the ultimate control of the Jersey Attorney General – who is, himself, an unelected politician – who frequently uses his seat in the States Assembly to make highly partisan, pro-oligarchy interventions.

What was the parish hall enquiry about?

You remember when I was arrested in the presence of 10 cops – yes, 10 cops; when I originally said 8, I miscounted; it was kind of difficult to get the numbers precise under the circumstances – as I stepped from my front door? And I was held in locked cells at the local nick for 7 hours whilst the police turned over my home from top to bottom – without a search warrant – in respect of alleged data protection law breaches?

The cops used that opportunity to go through my property, my computer, my political files and my personal files – in a desperate search for something – anything – they could do me for.

And – guess what? They discovered that my driving licence had expired a couple years ago, and I hadn’t up-dated a change of address to my car registration.

Both offences – undoubtedly. And I fully accept I’m guilty of both – as I told Dan and Bill’s men this evening at the parish hall enquiry.

Both offences were “honest mistakes”; (now, I’m sure I’ve heard that phrase somewhere just recently) – inadvertent offences which arose given I was under the demands of running a £150 million a year health & social services department – and, in particular – during the last 2 years – uncovering, and battling against, decades upon decades of concealed child abuse.

Frankly – when you’re meeting dozens and dozens of broken and wrecked survivors – it does tend to take one’s mind off mundane personal administrative issues.

Especially when one knows – as was demonstrated again today – that the Jersey authorities are going to do every single damn thing in their power to carry on burying the outrages.

So even though I renewed the licence weeks ago – and likewise updated the car registration – and took the documents to the police station – where a cop read them – and gave me a written receipt – I got summoned by the States of Jersey Police to a parish hall enquiry.

Incidentally – and you’ll like this – the letter sent by the States of Jersey Police, summoning me to the parish hall, got mailed to me – in what can only be a calculated act of harassment – without any form of paid postage. So, not being at home, the postman put a notice (which I’ve still got) through the letter-box saying I had an un-paid item of mail which I would have to collect – and pay a surcharged of £1.71. As I never collect unpaid mail items, I didn’t bother collecting it – not for one instant imaging that an official letter would be sent without postage being paid.

So the parish hall enquiry decided that I’m such a monstrous crook, they couldn’t deal with these offences with a written caution or anything of that nature – oh no….


Thursday, 4 June 2009 00:27:00 o’clock BST

Blogger Senator Stuart Syvret said…
Confessions of Stuart Syvret:

Part 2.

I would have to be summoned to the Jersey magistrates’ court for sentencing.

10.00 am; 18th June.

Be there or be square.

But why is this such a good outcome?

Because it represents the beginning of the long path to Strasbourg.

When I appear in court – I will make a recusal application – basically arguing that no part of the Jersey magistrate’s court – nor the island’s judicial apparatus generally – can meet the test of the appearance of objectivity in respect of any case involving me.

They all know who I am – they all hate me – in fact, Phil Bailhache has even criticised and condemned my stance – whilst he was swearing-in a magistrate!

Therefore, their system is incapable of delivering to me an objective and impartial court.

A “fair hearing before an impartial tribunal” as is required by the European Convention on Human Rights.

You see – as Barking Bill and his fellow Jersey oligarch, Julian Clyde-Smith are terribly found of screaming, – “every one is equal before the law!”

Great – no problem with that.

So I, therefore, have exactly the self-same rights as any other Jersey citizen.

Such rights including – quite fundamentally – access to an impartial and objective court.

And, I think it quite understandable that I do exercise my human rights to be sentenced for my atrocities by an impartial and objective court.

You see, unless that happens – I might get fined £12,000.

Which – as we know – is the kind of sentence incurred by any troublesome pleb who has irritated the establishment in Jersey.

As my political battles have progressed over the last couple of years, and as legal dimensions have come into the equation, I have developed a few flow-charts. You know the kind of thing – X or Y could happen – therefore event A or B must follow.

And the Jersey “justice” system features large in those mappings.

So on the 18th June – the Jersey magistrates court will do one of three things in response to my recusal application.

They will agree with my recusal motion – in which case, it’s off to the Royal Court – where I shall make exactly the same recusal motion. (This outcome is most unlikely.)

They will reject my recusal motion – in which case it’s off to the Royal Court where I shall appeal the rejection of the recusal motion and any fine imposed. (This outcome is far more likely.)

They will adjourn the case – whilst they go off and have a panicked conflab with the Bailhache Brothers as to what they should do. (This outcome, too, is distinctly possible.)

And – from there on in – the flow-chart progresses – at every twist and turn – through the court of appeal – through the judicial committee of the privy council – on to the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.

All this because I want – as is the right of any and all people – to be sentenced for my heinous crimes – by an impartial and objective court.

Remember – “we’re all equal before the law”. Therefore everyone has the same fundamental rights.

The process I outline above may well be tedious and time-consuming – but look on the bright side.

Given that the Jersey prosecution and judicial system has made time for dealing with such dreadful criminal threats to society as me, and the JDA 2 – by casting aside such comparative trivia as prosecuting child rapists and senior figures who have concealed child abuse – we may as well make efficient use of the courts.

So – here we go.

Great journeys start with but a single step.


Thursday, 4 June 2009 00:28:00 o’clock BST

So, what next? Bloodshed in the streets of Jersey? Armed revolt? People are that angry it could happen. I weep for my home.


We Have Angered Orb!

Bloody, bloody, bloody! It’s too bloody warm, no, sorry, too bloody hot! I HATE the heat. Oh, I know, I know, it’s going to get far hotter yet. BLOODY BLOODY BLOODY!


The flat goes into meltdown (a sight to behold!), the fan gets turned on (lucky old fan) scaring the cats, and I swelter. And I hate it. Always have, ever since I can remember, having to spend afternoons on a pebbled beach whilst my mother slept off the previous night’s intake of alchohol under the pretense of sunbathing. At least when my dad took us to the beach he went somewhere it was possible to swim – well, unless the tide was out, and even then, it was worth the walk to the sea. Plus he didn’t just lie there and sleep. He bothered. He tried to keep myself and my sibblings entertained. Many races were run – and yes, podgy old me always came last, lol. I have a video of some of the old cine film somewhere…really should dig it out and have a peeksy at it.

So, who to complain to. Ian McCaskill? I mean, he was a weatherman, wasn’t he? He’s one of those boffins who declares its going to be hot. All he needs to say is:

‘Helloooooo, well, it’s going to be sunny, but, brrrr, a bit on the parky side, so wear your incredibly long scarves. Hellooooooo’.

That’s all thats needed. Then I can enjoy the sunshine without resembling the Absorbaloff. Just thought I’d give you rabble a nice mental image. Heh, heh and indeed, heh.

I’m writing this before popping into town. And yes, the Panama will be worn. As well as the slightly larger jeans I have. For some strange, steroidal reason, my 36inch waist jeans are a little on the snug side. Again, not my fault, oh no. I mean..I do have to eat, don’t I?


Just hope I don’t put all the weight I lost back on. Trouble is, the steroids DO make one hungry.

Or is that the nice cups of tea?

Talking of which, nearly there with the podcast. Hopefully just be a week or two. Registered the domain name, just got to get the hosting sorted then work out all the technogobblydygook to set it all up. There will be, current plans, anyway, a seperate wordpress blog with, hopefully, the domain name as it’s addy. Hopefully. We’re recording the second one on Sunday so feel free to send in comments about the City… Of Death! and the big finish play, Hothouse.

Right, I go to melt. Be warned, I may just return to have a proper rant at the world and my attitude in general….