We Have Angered Orb!

Bloody, bloody, bloody! It’s too bloody warm, no, sorry, too bloody hot! I HATE the heat. Oh, I know, I know, it’s going to get far hotter yet. BLOODY BLOODY BLOODY!


The flat goes into meltdown (a sight to behold!), the fan gets turned on (lucky old fan) scaring the cats, and I swelter. And I hate it. Always have, ever since I can remember, having to spend afternoons on a pebbled beach whilst my mother slept off the previous night’s intake of alchohol under the pretense of sunbathing. At least when my dad took us to the beach he went somewhere it was possible to swim – well, unless the tide was out, and even then, it was worth the walk to the sea. Plus he didn’t just lie there and sleep. He bothered. He tried to keep myself and my sibblings entertained. Many races were run – and yes, podgy old me always came last, lol. I have a video of some of the old cine film somewhere…really should dig it out and have a peeksy at it.

So, who to complain to. Ian McCaskill? I mean, he was a weatherman, wasn’t he? He’s one of those boffins who declares its going to be hot. All he needs to say is:

‘Helloooooo, well, it’s going to be sunny, but, brrrr, a bit on the parky side, so wear your incredibly long scarves. Hellooooooo’.

That’s all thats needed. Then I can enjoy the sunshine without resembling the Absorbaloff. Just thought I’d give you rabble a nice mental image. Heh, heh and indeed, heh.

I’m writing this before popping into town. And yes, the Panama will be worn. As well as the slightly larger jeans I have. For some strange, steroidal reason, my 36inch waist jeans are a little on the snug side. Again, not my fault, oh no. I mean..I do have to eat, don’t I?


Just hope I don’t put all the weight I lost back on. Trouble is, the steroids DO make one hungry.

Or is that the nice cups of tea?

Talking of which, nearly there with the podcast. Hopefully just be a week or two. Registered the domain name, just got to get the hosting sorted then work out all the technogobblydygook to set it all up. There will be, current plans, anyway, a seperate wordpress blog with, hopefully, the domain name as it’s addy. Hopefully. We’re recording the second one on Sunday so feel free to send in comments about the City… Of Death! and the big finish play, Hothouse.

Right, I go to melt. Be warned, I may just return to have a proper rant at the world and my attitude in general….

1 Response to “We Have Angered Orb!”

  1. 1 wyn
    June 4, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Ooh, City of Death, one of my absolute favorites of the classic era.
    Since I like it so much, I’ll have to take time to formulate something.

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