Daleks! Invasion Interflora: 2009 AD!

Er. Quite.

This is one of those rambling, ‘Ooh, what shall I natter about I know everything in general and nothing in particular’ type posts. Can’t be helped. Got a few things I want to waffle about but can’t be arsed to go into too much detail, LOL.

So, firstly, had to pop to see the consultant today. Oh, how we all laughed. Seems my liver functions have REALLY gone kablooey this time. So, today I had TWO (count ’em) doctors hmm-ing, umm-ing and going ‘we just don’t know!’. So, the upshot is that I’m now to stop taking The Pills Of Doom and keep taking their daily counterparts, and also stop taking my anti inflamatories. Now, last time I stopped those, just before I went into hostipal, I discovered just how much good they were doing. This time, well, I’m still on the steroids, so hopefully I won’t  get so bad. Once again the consultant asked why I limped, completly forgetting the nerve damage etc. Does make me wonder sometimes, you know, LOL. Anyway, this morning sort of makes my visit to the gp this afternoon a bit moot, but I’d better go. They sent me a letter saying I had to arrange a phone thingy with a different doc – something I don’t do ‘cos different docs don’t know my case..my akerchewall gp does. So, going to see him and I bet it’s about the liver tests. Hah! Plus I need a couple of perscriptions, though less now after this morning, LOL.

One very shocking developement was my weight. You see, after I lost all that weight last year due to the plurisy, I was stable for a while, then, with the sterods, went from about 15 stone 5 to 16 stone 9. Except today, when weighed at the hostipal, I’m 17 stone 10! Thats over a stone in one week. Balderdash! No way on Bod’s grey Earth! Now, either they got it wrong or…well, my blood taking, blood pressure squeezing ‘Your-a-fat-git’ nurse may have got her calculations wrong all this time…. Which will REALLY depress me, LOL.

But the bottom line is the disease is still there and will be for a Very Long Time ™. We just need to get the med balance correct. Think it’s going to be a case of ‘Look, your never going to feel 100% anymore – can’t be helped cos to get you feeling that good woulkd be Bad cos of side effects’. I think I can live with that, tbh..Make the best of a bad job. A lot of people get it a lot worse, so I consider myself lucky. Oddly.

Anyway, onto this post’s title….

There were reports in our local cat litter tray liners, of a flower shop with a Dalek in the window… so I thought I’d pop down and have a look see as I was in town anyway. Seems the thing was built for a play that didn’t happen and the chap is trying to sell it for £800. Good luck to him, thats what I say…

have pics

Aww, poor Dalek

Aww, poor Dalek

Oh, the humiliation

Oh, the humiliation

Hmm..not quite Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks, is it?

Hmm..not quite Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks, is it?

and finally, took this a few days back…cute as Bod, my lil Seb…



Yeah, I know the Dalek ones are wonky, but what ya gonna do, huh?

I’ll mumble about podcasting next time… probably..

1 Response to “Daleks! Invasion Interflora: 2009 AD!”

  1. 1 lizaanne42
    June 18, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Oh,poor Dalek! Perhaps it is the lost Mr. Dalek, having been magnified by Sutek in Egypt, trying to get back home!

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