Of Podcasting and Other Stuff. And Things.

Well, I thought I’d give a sort of an updatey, how it came to happen sort of a post thingy. Plus give those who don’t know how its done an idea…Simples, really, to be honest.

So, Jo! and I met in hostipal where we had a ‘Who can have the most lung removed’ competition. She cheated by using both lungs. However, the medics declared her the winner. My appeal is still pending. Now, as those who have read the  2 scary ladies post earlier on this blog will know, Jo! and I rather hit it off. I was planning to set up my own podcast after the debacle of the WhoCast, but I wanted to get this blog going first and, of course, I needed to work out how the tech side of things was done. I may be ok with editing and music etc – well, only just, lets be honest here – but when it comes to computers, especially actually doing anything on the net, I’m a complete ignoramus. Always wanted to use that word. Heh.

So, looked into it, spoke to Adam off Staggering Stories and eventually decided that the best way of doing things was to use Libsyn. Its a good system. It tends to do nearly everything for you – you get a blog, an RSS Feed etc. Damn good system. You do have to register with iTUnes and other podcast directories yourself, however Also, it doesn’t charge by the amount thats downloaded, but by how much space you want to use per month. Very useful if a podcast really takes off in the way that Staggering Stories has now I’ve left, rofl!

I also needed to register a domain name. So I googled a little and went to 1&1 Internet. Managed to get www.flashingblade.org.uk as well as a mail account giving me up to five email addies with the suffix @flashingblade.org.uk. Very usefull again. But what turned out to be even better was that 1&1 have a website building tool. Very simple to use, and it won’t give you something with all the bells and whistles on, but as a hub for the show it’s just right. I can put up the links to this blog, the show’s iTunes page etc, the shows email addy, links to other poidcasts and sites, etc etc. So, once Id got the bits n pieces, the actual assembly of the infrastructure was surprisingly easy. I did spend an evening around my Chief Scientist’s just to be on the safe side, but it was simples enough.

After that it was just a case of recording the show. Now, Jo! already was thinking of putting together her own, non-Doctor Who podcast…probably something about James May, or somesuch girly nonsense 😛 So she already had a copy of Audacity. This is an editing tool, and quite a good one. Useful as it meant she could record her part of the podcast and then upload it to some storage space for me to download, put next to my own track, synch then edit. For the other stuff, the silly bits n pieces I use an old copy of Cool Edit and occasionally I pop into Audition, both nice progs, though I am more used to cool edit, tbh, so I use it for ease and comfort, LOL.

So far, so good. The chemistry is working and the angle of the show, where Jo! is able to give a fresh, untainted by DWM, fanzines, podcasts etc, look at Doctor Who, with me there to fill in any gaps as well as give my own, jaded views, LOL, seems to be working too. We’ve had some lovely feedback off people – admitedly its scattered all over the web, LOL..Makes tracking it down for recording a bit tricky – I forgot to include some today meaning I’m going to have to record an extra bit for the end of pod 4.

Someone made a nice comment on Facebook that the show has the ‘goofy fun’ of Staggering Stories but tempered with the ‘credibility’ (HAH!) of my days on the WhoCast. And to be honest, thats just what I was looking for…slipping in right between.

So I’m a happy bunny. Just so glad I have such a lovely…and patient… co-host…

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