Ooh, look what I just remembered…..

Well, well, well. Guess I sort of forgot about this blog. Told you I would. No, seriously, look at the first post. I predicted it. I am a genius!


So, just what have I been up to then, hmm?

Gosh, well, there’s a lot to tell, if I’m honest.

The Flashing Blade Podcast is doing incredibly well. I have to thank Jo! and also our not-so-new–now boy, Bob. Bob came in around Christmas year before last as Jo! had to go down to fortnightly. Bob reviews Big Finish stuff, mainly. And he puts up with a LOT from me, LOL.

I was also asked back onto the DWO WhoCast. Originally this happened at the party for The End Of Time part 2, New Years Day, 2010. I turned it down. Eventually I found there was an oportunity to go into it and work with someone new to get the show out of the image it had achieved…. This is slowly working, especially now I have a mate, Dave Keep, on as a co-host. I’m currently recording and producing three podcasts a week!. A bit of a challenge, but I’m finding it a very useful way of getting myself used to time management and stress control.


So, hopefully now that I’ve remembered here, I’ll try to write more….

Oh, yeah… twitter stuff….


and for fun,


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