Ruminations on a Riot…

Just a quick one…

At the time of writing, London is burning. Criminals are running around the streets, looting, pillaging, setting fire to anything. People who know me know that I’m not adverse to civil disobedience. However, I don’t support violence. I don’t support rioting. I don’t support … this.

Last year, my mate, Dave, and I, chatted about what we thought may happen this year. And yes, one thing we thought may happen was riots. Why? Because we thought that the media would, to take pressure away from the government and its ideologically driven, and frankly downright evil, cuts, start stiring up racial trouble.

However, this time, it’s those terrible immigrants whom the Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun and The Star decry, that are standing up and saying ‘No!’. It is they who are standing in high streets across London, stopping rioters and looters as best they can. How much of that will be reported, one wonders?

And so, any possible legitimate cause for protest – be it a shot man or a girl beaten to the ground by Police, or just anger against the Tories and their Lib Dem poodles – is vanished because instead of having a decent morality, these rioters care only for flat screen televisions, trainers, all the mod cons – all the things that they have been told makes them worthwhile…..

I wonder who told them that? it doesn’t excuse what’s happening, not one bit, but it at least explains what they are taking – make something more important then real world issues, and look what happens…

And finally, I wonder as to the aftermath…. I see a loss of civil liberties for everyone. The Government slamming down hard on Human Rights. All these riots have just played into their hands, giving them exactly the excuse they need. No racial element this time… but still… The Tories couldn’t have planned this better…… What an odd coincidence….


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