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Of Spoilers And Birdies…

So, preview early access to Doctor Who.


This is a contentious issue. Some believe that no one should get access. Others, that those who do shouldn’t mention it and stay very quiet. Or there’s those, like me, who think it’s called ‘Preview access’ for a reason..

It IS a tricky one. just how far do you go? Well, when I was with the DWO WhoCast we refused, point blank, to run with spoilers, read out any spoilery feedback from listeners etc. This got us in the good books of the BBC, to the point that we were trusted with content that others were not. I did release the shows just before the TV show finished airing, mainly ‘cos that was best for me, and also the logic being that no one in their right mind would stop watching the TV just to listen to two old fools wibbling on about what the listener had just turned off!

However, I didn’t just work on the WhoCast, I also had – and have – The Flashing Blade. we don’t review as soon as the show ends. I did, however, want to preview for the listeners. Now previews are a very hard thing to get right. Too much information and you wreck it for people – some official, accredited sites and magazines can be rather bad at that. Too little and you may as well have not said anything at all. 

So I hit on the idea of cryptic comments or questions that wouldn’t give anything away, but hopefully would get people chuckling, or talking about the coming episode – and remember, with this being on Facebook and Twitter, it’s not just Doctor Who fans who read these things. I want to get the word out to as many as possible.

This week, for The Power Of Three, I asked if people were excited about the return of Keff McCulloch’s music to Doctor Who. Keff was a composer of incidental music for the series from 1987-1989. However, that’s not all he did….

A couple of folk on Twitter are not happy with this. They feel I am spoilering. Or at best, using it as a kind of boast – ‘Look at me, I have access’. And, to be fair, ordinarily I am sure that their arguments would be accurate. I’ve tried to explain my policy of cryptic clues to non-important things. However, at 140 characters a time, it’s a bit tricky. As far as I’m concerned, I’m doing the best I can to arouse interest in the coming show, without giving anything away.


Until now.


To put everyones’ mind at rest, I shall now reveal what I have been talking about.

Ahem…. Turn away now….



The music, to which I refer is…….


Two seconds of The Birdy Song.


Big spoiler, huh? Yes, Keff was involved with… record. When I heard it, I knew just what I could do to engage interest.

So there we are. You now know my policy on previews and spoilers. You’ve had this week’s explained, in the hope that some realise that this really is a storm in a tea cup.



I jsut won’t mention a part of Virgin Books becoming canon….