Fatal Consequences Reported in Mail on Sunday.


“BBC man’s Twitter campaign helped kill my boy:”



The BBC – the bloated British-state media organisation which harboured, enabled, furnished victims for, and then covered-up child-rapist and necrophiliac Jimmy Savile – for at least four decades – continues to disgrace itself.


In a tragic story concerning the death of a good & well-intentioned man, the Mail on Sunday reports that a sustained campaign of cyber-bullying by a BBC presenter in Jersey led to the death of Simon Abbot.


The blog campaigning to expose the truth of what happened to Simon Abbot can be read here:



In the Mail on Sunday it is reported that BBC presenter Murray Norton pursued a “vicious and unrelenting cyber-bullying campaign” against Mr. Abbot.


I reproduce with full acknowledgments, the Mail on Sunday article below this posting.


I’m not – very sadly – in the least surprised at the story.


Those of us who hold different views to Jersey’s entrenched oligarchy can recount volumes of examples of obstruction, lies, bias, defamations, abuse, trolling, exclusions and marginalisations by the BBC in Jersey.


The BBC complaints procedure – even at regional, national and trust level – is so extraordinarily bad – essentially non-functioning – as to be beyond parody. It is a process – a complaints-structure – of the kind which might have been created in an Eastern-Bloc state; a process which exists to (a) give a false-impression of accountability; (b) provide a large bureaucracy in which favored apparatchiks be provided with work, and – most significantly – (c) to work primarily as an actual shield for the BBC, in a kind of Orwellian Newspeak inversion of its declared purpose of delivering “accountability”.


I’m aware of extremely diligent, detailed formal complaints pursued through the BBC process – complaints which covered, amongst closely related matters, the illegal suspension of Jersey’s Police Chief Graham Power – and the jaw-dropping refusal of the BBC to report vital public-interest stories arising from a wholly damning 94 page statement by Mr. Power.


I know that the BBC were supplied with a copy of the statement – because I was their source.


I e-mailed it to BBC Jersey boss Jon Gripton – and from that day to this – the BBC has refused to report the dramatic public-interest maters revealed in the Police Chief’s statement. That failure cannot be put down to the hick-town failure of the BBC’s ‘gone-native’ Jersey operation – as I’ve also supplied the document to the BBC at a national level.


The BBC’s child-abuser, Jimmy Savile – who spent a great deal of time in Jersey – and was very closely connected to BBC staff and associates in the island – featured in the child-abuse investigation being led by Police Chief Graham Power.


Simon Abbot is a tragic victim of a wholly decadent BBC culture. And sadly, he is not the only victim of cyber-bullying and the promotion of hate-sites by the BBC and its staff in Jersey.


Deputies Trevor & Shona Pitman are Jersey politicians – amongst the very few members of the island’s legislature – who have opposed the child-abuse cover-ups in the island; cover-ups which include crimes committed by Savile.


Both Deputies have been subjected to sustained, hate-filled campaigns of anonymous abuse, attacks from web ‘sock-puppets’, and organised astro-turfing. Nothing so surprising, really; comes with the territory – especially if you are opposing the entrenched and very powerful – who have a lot to lose.


But for such hate-sites – and the trolling they contain – to be pro-actively – and approvingly – referred to – and peddled – by the BBC?




The organization was even more startlingly overtly corrupt, in joining in with – and promoting and supporting – a transparent astro-turfing campaign against a respected published USA author and investigative journalist Leah McGrath Goodman.


That was the BBC – pro-actively attacking – one of the few journalists seriously investigating decades of concealed child-abuse and the governance-failures which harbored and concealed that abuse.


BBC presenters in Jersey could scarcely move fast enough to join-in with and promote – a swarm of trolling, and organised astro-turfing plainly being co-ordinated and sock-puppeted by paid spin-doctors.


The conduct of the BBC in Jersey has long been utterly disgraceful.


Some analysis by me of the history of BBC behavior in, and towards Jersey, can be read here:



In the mean-time, I recommend the Mail on Sunday article, the original can be read here:-



Let us remember Simon Abbot – and ask just what the BBC imagines itself to be doing – down in the trolling gutter?


Stuart Syvret
‘BBC man’s Twitter campaign helped kill my boy’: Devastated father claims offensive comments contributed to son’s heart attack


By the Mail on Sunday


  • BBC presenter was allegedly involved in a ‘cyber-bullying campaign’
  • He is accused of suggesting a man siphoned-off charity donations
  • Broadcaster Murray Norton strongly denies making the comments
  • The corporation say they are investigating the claims


The BBC is investigating allegations that one of its presenters was involved in a ‘vicious and unrelenting cyber-bullying campaign’ that contributed to the death of a 47-year-old man.


Murray Norton, who has been a BBC broadcaster for nearly 30 years, strongly denies making offensive comments on social networking sites about Simon Abbott, a computer software developer who died of a heart attack earlier this year.


Mr. Norton is said to have posted messages on Facebook and Twitter suggesting Mr. Abbott was a conman, siphoning off charity donations for his own use.


The alleged abuse encouraged dozens of ‘internet trolls’ to join in the harassment, some allegedly claiming they were taking their cue from Mr. Norton because of his status as a BBC broadcaster.


Police have said they were not aware of any evidence Mr. Abbott was misappropriating funds.


His father believes the alleged bullying hastened his son’s death.


And last night The Mail on Sunday discovered that the extent to which stress may have contributed to Mr. Abbott’s heart attack will be considered at the forthcoming inquest.


In his spare time Mr. Abbott ran a charitable foundation he set up in memory of his sister Samantha, who committed suicide in 2009 while suffering from post-natal depression.


Before his death in June, he had begun libel proceedings against Mr. Norton and other people whose false allegations, he claimed, had destroyed his reputation and turned him into a recluse, unable to work and frightened to leave his house.  A defense was lodged denying all  the claims.


However, his father, Jon Abbott, believes the alleged comments were posted by Mr. Norton and others and is demanding to know why BBC bosses apparently made no attempt to stop Mr. Norton spreading unfounded rumours about his son.


The retired journalist, who lives in South Africa, said: ‘Simon’s schemes failed to raise any money, partly due to his own shortcomings as a charity organiser and partly because it was an impossible task to make a success of any project that kept being slated on the internet.


‘The takings (for the trust) appear to have been pitiful. When he died, there was little money in his  bank account and the trust was £1,400 in the red. That doesn’t make him a conman.


‘It is deplorable for the BBC to stand on the sidelines. Norton was working for a national institution funded by the British taxpayer and was very much in the public eye.’


A BBC spokesman said: ‘We offer our sincere condolences to Mr. Abbott but strongly assert the BBC has treated the complaints in question seriously. No evidence of cyber-bullying was found and the complaint was not upheld.’


One of the online messages, purportedly written by the radio host, allegedly said: ‘Simon, if you are reading this – which, my friends, he might be – give it up, come clean on the finances of the trust, put the items you claim to have from the famous to good use. I’ll auction them for some people in real need instead of false events that help no one.’


One of Mr. Abbott’s tormentors, a woman from Cornwall, was questioned by police after he complained about her behaviour in November 2011. She was ‘given advice’ by officers but not charged with any offence.


But when Mr. Abbott’s father wrote to the BBC after his son’s death, the managing editor of BBC Radio Jersey, Jon Gripton, said that since  Mr. Norton was a ‘freelance artist’, the corporation had no responsibility for his off-air activities.


Mr. Norton’s links with the BBC, however, are long-established and he hosts a three-hour show on Radio Jersey every weekday morning.


Simon Abbott said in a court statement relating to his libel action: ‘People think I am a conman, dishonest, and even that I have made up the death of my sister. Because he (Norton) works for the BBC everyone follows he (sic) and joins in.’


Jon Abbott’s complaint against Mr. Norton is now being re-examined by one of the BBC’s most senior executives, David Holdsworth.


Mr. Norton combines his broadcasting career with running two restaurants in Jersey. Our calls to him went unanswered.


Mail on Sunday

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