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Ah. Work overload approaching!

You see, I realised something today. The 100th episode of the Flashing Blade Podcast, the 200th episode of the DWO WhoCast, AND the Flashing Blade Picnic, (series one, number two), are all happeneing on the same day.


Saturday, July the second.


Between now and then I have the following, podcast related things, to do…


Listen to Lucie Millar and To The Death – Big Finish plays for FB

Record, edit and release FB 99

Edit and release the DWO WhoCast’s Dan Hall interview

Record edit  and release DWO WhoCast 199

Listen to all three discs… what we’re looking at for FB 100

Record, edit and release FB 100

Edit and release the DWO interview with Andrew Smith

Edit the Tom Baker interview

Record, edit and release DWO WhoCast 200

Go to the Flashing Blade Picnic.






The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-4

From the Vislor Turlough Jokebook (Penguin, 1984).

‘Big, isn’t it?’

Yup, this time around we, er, well, we had an oopsies moment and over ran. So have an extra long, squidgy, yummy Flashing Blade Podcast.

This time around Jo! and Tony look at the Big Finish play ‘Wirrn Dawn’ and also the Ecclestone story ‘The Unquiet Dead’.

We also launch our first competition – ‘1001 Uses for a Nick Briggs’. This is our response to Big Finish’s far-too-overloaded release schedule.

It’s either that or we start a national cull….

Lots of feedback and nonsense as usual, and next time around we look at the BF play ‘Scapegoat’ and, because we have to talk about it at some stage, ‘Genesis of the Daleks.’.

All thoughts on those two and any feedback, be it mail or mp3 to



Ooh look, rocks!

Ooh look, rocks!


Thrilling Third Issue

Ok folks, the third episode of The Flashing Blade Podcast is out and about. See if you can spot it!!!


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Featuring stuff and things about Earthshock, the Beast of Orlok and, ooh, other stuff and things….

The podcast that likes a nice cup of tea...

The podcast that likes a nice cup of tea...


Number 2!

Yup, the second Flashing Blade podcast is now released into the community.


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plus other places.

Normal service will be resumed here soon, once everything has calmed down, LOL…Got a thingy about a Dalek in a local florists, for eg..

Oh yeah, knew I’d forgotton something…

The Terrible Zodin fanzine is now out, free pdf download. Has stuff and things from muggins here and Jo!


The Flashing Blade Podcast is Go!!!!

Yup, up n running – at long last đŸ™‚

The first Flashing Blade Podcast featuring Tony Gallichan and his plucky girl assistant, Jo!

This time around we look at the recent Radiophonic Workshop concert, Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who – The Five Doctors (look, it gets it out of the way early on…lol)

all feedback, including mp3’s to

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The Flashing Blade

or listen to it from here..

The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-1

Big, isnt it?

Big, isn't it?